Sunday, August 06, 2006

A frustrating Friday, it was! My good ol' Streamyx had been wonky again for the past few days. Just couldn't get connected to the net for the whole day though the ADSL light on the modem indicated a green. I got hold of TMNet customer service & explained my problems. As usual, the staff on the phone gave me useless troubleshoots to solve my issue. It didn't work, obviously. And TMNet refused to admit that it was their fault. I even thought those parasitic virus in my computer caused such havoc to the connection that I ended up doing a virus scanning spree. Indeed my pc was badly infected but I realised the virus couldn't have affected 2 computers simultaneously, mine & cuzzie bro's. For your info, I didn't configure the network to share our hard disks. Yup, I'm networking with him but it's for Internet only. I think it's better this way cuz I dun wanna "transmit" the virus to his grey box.

I sent my cheque to YesAsia again. My initial plan was to send a money order & that's why I stayed on till 11am after class to visit the post office nearby my college. So much for being a cheap skate saving a few dollars, I didn't know money orders sent to Hong Kong is only applicable to HKD -_-". All this while, I thought the post office standardised the currency to USD. I was wrong again...and I stood feeling like an idiot. Then I decided to buy a bank draft in HKD this time to take advantage of the lower exchange rate. The bank is charging me extra RM7 for wire transfer & commission but it didn't matter. At least, I didn't have to put up with those blur faces at the post office counters like they didn't know what was going on (I think they really dunno how to process my money order, in fact!). Besides, money order doesn't have a space for me to jot down the order number. draft rules!

Was expecting YesAsia to ship out my much-awaited photobook on Friday but my order status stated Sourcing from suppliers. *disappointed* How can this be?! I've already pre-ordered mine 2 months ago using credit card & yet, I didn't have the privilege to receive it asap. Btw, I saw some sneak pics of the photobook. Omg, there're so many eye candy pics of topless w-inds. XD Really worth every dollar paid!!

So, today (I mean, later at 10am in Korea) will be the final viewing of Vacation drama. I hope the response was good. Aww...why am I saying this? It must've been good considering TVXQ's huge fan base in Korea. I wanna share with y'all peeps the last poster for this theatrical drama. This is one of my favourites cuz it sh0wcases Yoochun's secretive & lonely image. Forgive me for having bad hair tastes but I adore his current fuzzy hairstyle. Ohhh btw, I nearly forgot...I saw another guy in college who has the exact fuzzy locks like Yoochun's. Ain't this amazing?? I'm actually seeing ppl with Yoochun's traits hair in campus *drools*. I'm off to continue my assignment, bye peeps!

Ep. 4: Eternal

edit: *squeals* My photobook is ready for shipping. I guess YesAsia just updated it. *spazzzzz*