Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dear ppl, I'll be away for 3 days as I'm heading off to JB then to Singapore for a holiday. Hmm, not exactly a holiday but more like a shopping trip. Geez...I sounded as if I had plenty of moolah to go for a shopping spree. Anyways, just like I mentioned in the previous post; I'll be back on May 1. Perhaps you'll only see updates the following day cuz I'll be tired out after an exhausting journey.

I wanted to bring along my lappie but changed my mind. My uncle's house doesn't have any Internet which means it's pretty much pointless to bring the lappie there. Unless I wanna try out my luck by navigating around the house for any potential WiFi signal nearby. But what's the likeliness of the neighbourhood having Internet connection; not to mention a WiFi router?

And I assure that I'll be freggin' lazy to blog neways even if there's Internet cuz it'll be tiring like hell to travel back & forth from JB to Singapore. I'm not rich la....that's why I tumpang ppl's house lor. Okay, okay. Enough of rubbish talk here -_-". I need to get some sleep. Take care, peeps! Be good while I'm gone ^^.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finally, I made up my mind to order the Death Note DVD box set. Phew! *sweats* I can't wait for it to arrive at my doorstep XD. Hmm, the package would probably take about 2 weeks or more to reach my house. Oh never mind...I'll be back before it comes. Ah before I forget, I'll be on a hiatus for umm, 3-4 days. I'm heading off to JB & then Singapore ^^. Don't be surprised if you don't see any updates. Hehe.

As promised, I went to college to help out my buddies in Music Club to paint banners. The Talent Nite event is coming up so my guy friends are busy preparing all the necessary stuff. Painting the banners weren't really fun, imho. Imagine squatting/sitting on a giant piece of fabric & ocassionally shifting uncomfortably just to get the perfect position so that you don't end up with sore legs later. Nevertheless, it was fun to meet up with my buddies. It's not like I miss them A LOT as I'll be seeing their faces again in a week's time. But ya know, the joy of working hard together & sharing lame jokes more than make up for the uncomfortable sessions. emo liao XD.

Later in the evening, I drove sis to tuition while Grandma went for grocery shopping. While waiting, I saw a couple from the Middle East walking by the street with a baby pram. The sight of the wife draped in black from top to toe made me ponder a lot. What if she turns out to be a drop-dead gorgeous woman? Isn't it a pity that she can't flaunt her beauty & not afraid to hide her imperfections i.e. be proud of her looks which God bestowed upon her? I felt that her culture has stripped off her freedom. Not to mention the danger of walking without having clear sight of the path ahead. That lady covered the face until below the nose & I'm very sure; there weren't any holes for her eyes. Think about it, there're still such traditional acts practiced in this modern world. *sighs*

When I was browsing Yahoo! Movies, this page caught my eyes...

HD Movie Trailers!!

Sweet~ I quickly downloaded the Quicktime player to stream the videos. And then waited for the video to load.

1 min, loading...

2 mins, still loading...

5 mins, -_-"

10 mins, *gives up*

Curse the stupid connection. *goes to bed*

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I was & still contemplating on whether I should go ahead to order the Death Note DVD Complete Set. It's a Korean version - limited edition which includes Korean, English & Japanese subtitles. Since it's a limited one, expect the box packaging to be gorgeous (yummy, I would say... XD). What's more, Taewon Entertainment is the distributor for this movie in Korea. Definitely lots of goodies in this DVD box set. Just in case you guys didn't know, Taewon Entertainment was the one who distributed 동반신기's 1st Live Concert: Rising Sun DVD. And trust me, the packaging & booklet is full of shiny-ness ^^.

It's not like I have insufficient funds to purchase it but I was planning to save up some money for their upcoming concert. And I intended to get a WiFi router in order to ease my trouble of occupying my cousin's or aunt's room to use the net. Fyi, my room only has 1 network cable at the moment which means I have no chance to get connected if my sis is hogging the desktop to download her mangas. Now you know why I'm in a dilemma right now -_-". I bet you guys didn't know that I already spent lots of moolah on Dong Bang's 2nd Japan concert goods XD. As usual, I only bought 2 items. But that's besides the point...I want more money so that I can save up more~

I'm sure y'all are pretty curious about the content of the box set. Here they are! Tell me, who can resist such a beautiful box set...

Ta-daa!!! Lさんはすごくかっこいいでしょう!

*runs off to Ambank to deposit money into the prepaid credit card* XD

Credits: DVDHeaven

Monday, April 23, 2007

Kyaaaaaa!!!!! It has been more than a week I last posted in this blog. Pretty long hiatus, eh? Well, I was busy preparing for exams especially subjects which are mind-blogging & energy-draining like Law which require more attention. Law paper was a total disaster T.T. If only I'd done better :-(. MKT232 turned out to be pretty easy; perhaps it was all thanks to the lecturer's last minute answers to the revision paper which was rather helpful. Statistics was a tad too difficult & the worst part is...I panicked~ Yes, indeed -_-". I shouldn't have so at least I could've done better calculations to get more accurate figures. *sighs* Oh well, it's over. No point lamenting over it, rite?

I have about two weeks holidays before my new semester starts. Oh boy! I'm moving on to the 4th semester. How time flies...guess what? My little cousin bro will be joining my college to pursue A Levels. Lets give him a warm welcome, shall we? *claps* I wish him all the best in his next level of education. Hopefully he gets really wacky friends who can joke as well he does & enjoy his college years in Inti College while it lasts.

Alrighty, the good news dear baby is back. *nods* Yup, yup. My lappie is back from the HP clinic & it's running perfectly fine now. Apparently the keyboard & system board were faulty. The technician replaced the faulty parts without any charges since my unit is still under warranty. The weird thing now is my lappie no longer boots up with a Compaq logo but a HP logo instead. I had a feeling they replaced the system board with a HP one which I assumed is also compatible with my lappie. In addition, the lappie can boot up from power off mode by just tapping gently on the DVD Play touch button. This means it's not necessary to press the power button anymore. I still prefer the old setting though this feature can be pretty useful. I mean, it gets annoying when a finger accidentally brushed lightly on the touch button then the lappie boots up.

After the hardware replacement, it seems my Vista required re-activation to validate its status - either genuine or not. I tried several times to validate the product key underneath the lappie but failed. Hmm, I wonder why...did you know that if I don't validate soon; Vista will only allow me to use with very limted functions. Ack! I better work out something fast asap.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What the hell?! Just when my laptop turns 1 month old yesterday, it decided to fail on me T.T. I was using it to surf the net before dinner & it was working perfectly fine. Right after dinner, Vista couldn't start up properly. In addition to that, there's a loud sound coming from the speakers. Error messages kept popping up stating that the startup file has a problem. Since Vista is designed to have a self-repair tool, it began detecting the source of the error & trying to fix it at the same time.

Unfortunately, the Vista tool couldn't detect the problem & so I had to restart again. The same loud sound appeared & Vista wouldn't boot up unless I press ctrl+alt+del. After bypassing the boot up, Vista seems to be working perfectly fine. That's weird -_-". I thought maybe the error file can be fixed if I reinstall everything using the recovery CD. The system recovery indeed wiped out all the files which does not belong to Vista & then went through a clean install. Guess what? The same problem came up - the loud sound & startup error. Imagine how pissed I was & it was already 1.30am when the formatting & installation was completed.

So, I decided to try again by formatting the laptop. This time, I chose the factory reset option in which also clears off the files & undergo a clean installation. Honestly, I can't see the difference between system recovery & factory reset since both have similar functions. Tough luck it seems. That annoying sound & start up problem still persist -_-". Grrrr!!!!! It got more serious now that one of my keys are not functioning properly. I can't press the left-shift key+period (.) to get this symbol ---> (>). That symbol only works when I use the right-shift key+period (.)

This is so nerve-wrecking!! *slumps on the floor* Why does this problem has to happen when I'm gonna sit for exams??? It makes me feel so worried about the lappie. Ack~ I'm sending the lappie to HP Service Centre on Tuesday. Other than stupid sound & startup, there ain't other problems. If yes, I wouldn't be using the lappie to blog this...right?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

*jumps gleefully* My mock job interview turned out to be better than I expected. Thank goodness I did my homework last night ^^. You couldn't imagine how nervous I was cuz apparently, the lecturer assigned to be my interviewer is a witty person. What's more, I only found out late last night that the blouse I intend to wear for the interview had one missing button. I was frantically searching for a suitable button to match the rest of it. The button still looked odd compared to the rest, though not obvious.

Gah! What's with all the trouble? So I decided to bring along my blazer to cover up just in case. Besides, I didn't mind dressing a full suit as I'm applying for a job in the banking sector. But then again, it was a little awkward to dress with such formality cuz I was the only one doing so. Everything's over now so who cares ^^. Since I promised Fatimah to study Statistics together, I waited until her turn is over before we headed for lunch. She came out of the interview room feeling devastated as she stuttered a lot. It seemed her bubbly nature couldn't do much help this time. Hmm, hopefully she's not too bother about it.

When we were dining at Asia Cafe, our guy friends came to join us. Too bad I missed their funny faces when they descended from Asia Pool while waving happily at Fatimah. Where was I? In the toilet lah~ Guess what we saw when one of Kenneth's friend came. We were shrieking & squealing away (yes, it's embarrassing XD) when he took out his red hot sexy mama...

Tadaa! It's the Vodafone 903SH~

The screen can twist like this...

This is the phone model that I've been dying to see ever since I laid eyes on the pics posted by some owners on forum. And so my dream came true XD. We couldn't stop drooling & fondling over its sexiness. Kenneth's friend stared blankly at us & probably quite worried that we might end up vandalising his phone & breaking it into pieces. Haha! Just joking...he was nice enough to let us doodle around with the camera.

I was about to try out the UI when an sms came in. Dang! Being a nice girl, I handed back the phone to Kenneth instead of pressing the button to read the message. It's other person's phone lah. How can I read?? Duh~ *sighs* I could've explored the UI & start admiring again & again. Don't blame me for being such a jakun XD. Tell me, how often do you see exotic phones like this in Malaysia? If only we can easily obtain unlocked version of Japanese cellphones...with that, I can die of happiness XD.

This is a random thought. Kenneth's friend (the dude with the 903SH) does resemble 松山ケンイチ (Ken'ichi Matsuyama). The actor who portrayed L in the Death Note movie, in case you're oblivious about his name. The only difference is he's got black hair while Kenneth's friend is blonde. What a coincidence XD. Studying in uni's library is definitely a no-no for me. Especially during exam periods when the library becomes overcrowded & noisy. Home is still the best place for me to do whatever I want ^^.

Oh yeah, another random moment. Some guy who was standing behind where me & Fatimah were seated actually farted at our direction. Thank God there wasn't any foul smell -_-". Yes, indeed. I was trying my best to hold my laughter while Fatimah - unable to control herself - buried her face in her hands & started cracking. Look, I don't mean to embarrass him but he could've been more courteous & walk to the gents immediately. *shakes head* I'm speechless...

Pride & Prejudice

Monday, April 09, 2007

After watching the movie Pride & Prejudice starring Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet, I couldn't help feeling curious about the novel & decided to google about it. All this while, I'm aware that the book of similar title was written by the renowned Jane Austen who also wrote Sense & Sensibility. Surprised I was when I found out that the book was written in the 1800s! No wonder the language is so rich & refined.

The story is pretty interesting as it highlights on Mr Darcy's pride, Elizabeth Bennet's prejudice towards him & how it led to conflicts which prevented them from confessing their love for each other. Sad to say, I found the movie quite a rush as it struggled to keep up with the time frame in the novel & compressed it into a solid 2 hour film. It would make more sense to read the book to capture the full details of the story & fill up the gaps left by the movie.

Nevertheless, I was impressed that the movie managed to keep me entertained all the time. It doesn't matter if the pace was too fast. The simplicity is good enough for me to fully grasp the story. I love the show, really! Y'all should watch it ^^. Warning: Not recommended to audiences who dislike romantic movies.

Friday, April 06, 2007

*breathes* Okay, I think I'm gonna settle for a D for HRM & a C for Law, I hope. Lets not speak of me failing the Law paper. Thinking about it makes me feel hopeless. I managed to answer sufficiently for HRM test (I think) but I'd probably get a huge X for one of the questions. So that means losing one big chunk of marks worthy of a better grade T.T. When I sat for a replacement test for Law trial test (in which I deliberately skipped yesterday), I found myself having difficulties to answer well. The words from the lecturer, "It's okay if you can't complete it but I expect that you do better in the exam" is not making me feel any better. I could see the look on his face implying that, "Hey girl, you're so gonna fail my paper with such short answers in the paper". Oh God, I'm so lost...

Heck! Why on earth grandma had to lose her purse on the day when I was super anxious about my HRM test?? What a timing~ It's frustrating cuz I had to rush back home - make a phone call to cancel her credit card, get my wallet which I forgot to bring & rushed to college to start revising for the test. Nerve-wrecking, I tell ya. Not even a single thing went well yesterday & today. I'm so glad the weekend is least there's some time to ease my worries.

So, I've decided that I won't hit any books tonight cuz it's time for relaxation. There're so many videos that I've been missing out for past few weeks. I'm off for a downloading spree & catching up with the remaining Goong S episodes. Good gracious! The series already ended last month & I'm still stuck at Episode 14 -_-".

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wee! I got the highest marks in class for MKT232 test~ ^^ Feeling rather happy for the day before I face my worst fears tomorrow. It's the last HRM test & I'm done with the subject. The grades will only be released next semester.

I'll keep this post short for today. Ain't got much to blog about besides the good marks for MKT232 test. It's just a trial test anyway...and the marks are not included in the coursework. Dang! In fact, I shouldn't be too happy cuz I'm not really prepared for the exam. Okay, I'm off to study HRM. Toodles~ ^^

Monday, April 02, 2007

Never in my life have I experienced such an awful Ceng Beng Festival. First, we arrived at 7.30am - which was rather late & ended up getting ourselves caught in a traffic jam for 1/2 hour about 500m from the cemetery entrance. As soon as we got parkings, we quickly rushed to great grandma's tombstone & carry on with the prayings. Then, the sky turned gloomy within minutes showing signs of a heavy downpour. Being so naive, we thought the weather was pretty okay since the hot morning sun was blocked.

I decided to accompany Grandpa at the pondok cuz he couldn't walk to our greatgrandpa's grave. The rest of my family went instead. Guess what, it started raining cats & dogs through the whole morning -_-". When my family came to look for me & Grandpa, my cousin bro was soaking wet cuz there weren't enough umbrellas. We waited there for about an hour until the rest of them settle their work. After that, we left for lunch at a coffeeshop somewhere in Rawang.

We always have a meetup with the rest of the family every year at this coffeeshop after visiting our ancestors' graves. Initially, it was due to convenience since all of us would be hungry by then. Somehow we have come to fancy the shop's cooking especially their famous fish paste wrapped in bean curd sheets (fu chok). That's why we always return to the shop without fail every year. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of fu chok & I never eat them whenever my Grandma cooks it. But the cook in that shop managed to make it surprisingly good - making me craving for more. It's intriguing how tasty food can make someone like me to go ga-ga over it though I hated it previously ^^. Basically, I only eat the fu chok fish paste from that shop & not anywhere else. Not surprising, huh?

After lunch, we headed straight home & I immediately jumped to bed to rest. Other than rushing for assignments, there wasn't much time to do other things. Ah, Mum will be arriving from Shanghai soon. Hmm I wonder what she bought there. *shrugs* Life is just another ordinary day...