Wednesday, April 11, 2007

*jumps gleefully* My mock job interview turned out to be better than I expected. Thank goodness I did my homework last night ^^. You couldn't imagine how nervous I was cuz apparently, the lecturer assigned to be my interviewer is a witty person. What's more, I only found out late last night that the blouse I intend to wear for the interview had one missing button. I was frantically searching for a suitable button to match the rest of it. The button still looked odd compared to the rest, though not obvious.

Gah! What's with all the trouble? So I decided to bring along my blazer to cover up just in case. Besides, I didn't mind dressing a full suit as I'm applying for a job in the banking sector. But then again, it was a little awkward to dress with such formality cuz I was the only one doing so. Everything's over now so who cares ^^. Since I promised Fatimah to study Statistics together, I waited until her turn is over before we headed for lunch. She came out of the interview room feeling devastated as she stuttered a lot. It seemed her bubbly nature couldn't do much help this time. Hmm, hopefully she's not too bother about it.

When we were dining at Asia Cafe, our guy friends came to join us. Too bad I missed their funny faces when they descended from Asia Pool while waving happily at Fatimah. Where was I? In the toilet lah~ Guess what we saw when one of Kenneth's friend came. We were shrieking & squealing away (yes, it's embarrassing XD) when he took out his red hot sexy mama...

Tadaa! It's the Vodafone 903SH~

The screen can twist like this...

This is the phone model that I've been dying to see ever since I laid eyes on the pics posted by some owners on forum. And so my dream came true XD. We couldn't stop drooling & fondling over its sexiness. Kenneth's friend stared blankly at us & probably quite worried that we might end up vandalising his phone & breaking it into pieces. Haha! Just joking...he was nice enough to let us doodle around with the camera.

I was about to try out the UI when an sms came in. Dang! Being a nice girl, I handed back the phone to Kenneth instead of pressing the button to read the message. It's other person's phone lah. How can I read?? Duh~ *sighs* I could've explored the UI & start admiring again & again. Don't blame me for being such a jakun XD. Tell me, how often do you see exotic phones like this in Malaysia? If only we can easily obtain unlocked version of Japanese cellphones...with that, I can die of happiness XD.

This is a random thought. Kenneth's friend (the dude with the 903SH) does resemble 松山ケンイチ (Ken'ichi Matsuyama). The actor who portrayed L in the Death Note movie, in case you're oblivious about his name. The only difference is he's got black hair while Kenneth's friend is blonde. What a coincidence XD. Studying in uni's library is definitely a no-no for me. Especially during exam periods when the library becomes overcrowded & noisy. Home is still the best place for me to do whatever I want ^^.

Oh yeah, another random moment. Some guy who was standing behind where me & Fatimah were seated actually farted at our direction. Thank God there wasn't any foul smell -_-". Yes, indeed. I was trying my best to hold my laughter while Fatimah - unable to control herself - buried her face in her hands & started cracking. Look, I don't mean to embarrass him but he could've been more courteous & walk to the gents immediately. *shakes head* I'm speechless...