Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dear ppl, I'll be away for 3 days as I'm heading off to JB then to Singapore for a holiday. Hmm, not exactly a holiday but more like a shopping trip. Geez...I sounded as if I had plenty of moolah to go for a shopping spree. Anyways, just like I mentioned in the previous post; I'll be back on May 1. Perhaps you'll only see updates the following day cuz I'll be tired out after an exhausting journey.

I wanted to bring along my lappie but changed my mind. My uncle's house doesn't have any Internet which means it's pretty much pointless to bring the lappie there. Unless I wanna try out my luck by navigating around the house for any potential WiFi signal nearby. But what's the likeliness of the neighbourhood having Internet connection; not to mention a WiFi router?

And I assure that I'll be freggin' lazy to blog neways even if there's Internet cuz it'll be tiring like hell to travel back & forth from JB to Singapore. I'm not rich la....that's why I tumpang ppl's house lor. Okay, okay. Enough of rubbish talk here -_-". I need to get some sleep. Take care, peeps! Be good while I'm gone ^^.