Sunday, April 15, 2007

What the hell?! Just when my laptop turns 1 month old yesterday, it decided to fail on me T.T. I was using it to surf the net before dinner & it was working perfectly fine. Right after dinner, Vista couldn't start up properly. In addition to that, there's a loud sound coming from the speakers. Error messages kept popping up stating that the startup file has a problem. Since Vista is designed to have a self-repair tool, it began detecting the source of the error & trying to fix it at the same time.

Unfortunately, the Vista tool couldn't detect the problem & so I had to restart again. The same loud sound appeared & Vista wouldn't boot up unless I press ctrl+alt+del. After bypassing the boot up, Vista seems to be working perfectly fine. That's weird -_-". I thought maybe the error file can be fixed if I reinstall everything using the recovery CD. The system recovery indeed wiped out all the files which does not belong to Vista & then went through a clean install. Guess what? The same problem came up - the loud sound & startup error. Imagine how pissed I was & it was already 1.30am when the formatting & installation was completed.

So, I decided to try again by formatting the laptop. This time, I chose the factory reset option in which also clears off the files & undergo a clean installation. Honestly, I can't see the difference between system recovery & factory reset since both have similar functions. Tough luck it seems. That annoying sound & start up problem still persist -_-". Grrrr!!!!! It got more serious now that one of my keys are not functioning properly. I can't press the left-shift key+period (.) to get this symbol ---> (>). That symbol only works when I use the right-shift key+period (.)

This is so nerve-wrecking!! *slumps on the floor* Why does this problem has to happen when I'm gonna sit for exams??? It makes me feel so worried about the lappie. Ack~ I'm sending the lappie to HP Service Centre on Tuesday. Other than stupid sound & startup, there ain't other problems. If yes, I wouldn't be using the lappie to blog this...right?