Monday, April 23, 2007

Kyaaaaaa!!!!! It has been more than a week I last posted in this blog. Pretty long hiatus, eh? Well, I was busy preparing for exams especially subjects which are mind-blogging & energy-draining like Law which require more attention. Law paper was a total disaster T.T. If only I'd done better :-(. MKT232 turned out to be pretty easy; perhaps it was all thanks to the lecturer's last minute answers to the revision paper which was rather helpful. Statistics was a tad too difficult & the worst part is...I panicked~ Yes, indeed -_-". I shouldn't have so at least I could've done better calculations to get more accurate figures. *sighs* Oh well, it's over. No point lamenting over it, rite?

I have about two weeks holidays before my new semester starts. Oh boy! I'm moving on to the 4th semester. How time flies...guess what? My little cousin bro will be joining my college to pursue A Levels. Lets give him a warm welcome, shall we? *claps* I wish him all the best in his next level of education. Hopefully he gets really wacky friends who can joke as well he does & enjoy his college years in Inti College while it lasts.

Alrighty, the good news dear baby is back. *nods* Yup, yup. My lappie is back from the HP clinic & it's running perfectly fine now. Apparently the keyboard & system board were faulty. The technician replaced the faulty parts without any charges since my unit is still under warranty. The weird thing now is my lappie no longer boots up with a Compaq logo but a HP logo instead. I had a feeling they replaced the system board with a HP one which I assumed is also compatible with my lappie. In addition, the lappie can boot up from power off mode by just tapping gently on the DVD Play touch button. This means it's not necessary to press the power button anymore. I still prefer the old setting though this feature can be pretty useful. I mean, it gets annoying when a finger accidentally brushed lightly on the touch button then the lappie boots up.

After the hardware replacement, it seems my Vista required re-activation to validate its status - either genuine or not. I tried several times to validate the product key underneath the lappie but failed. Hmm, I wonder why...did you know that if I don't validate soon; Vista will only allow me to use with very limted functions. Ack! I better work out something fast asap.