Monday, April 02, 2007

Never in my life have I experienced such an awful Ceng Beng Festival. First, we arrived at 7.30am - which was rather late & ended up getting ourselves caught in a traffic jam for 1/2 hour about 500m from the cemetery entrance. As soon as we got parkings, we quickly rushed to great grandma's tombstone & carry on with the prayings. Then, the sky turned gloomy within minutes showing signs of a heavy downpour. Being so naive, we thought the weather was pretty okay since the hot morning sun was blocked.

I decided to accompany Grandpa at the pondok cuz he couldn't walk to our greatgrandpa's grave. The rest of my family went instead. Guess what, it started raining cats & dogs through the whole morning -_-". When my family came to look for me & Grandpa, my cousin bro was soaking wet cuz there weren't enough umbrellas. We waited there for about an hour until the rest of them settle their work. After that, we left for lunch at a coffeeshop somewhere in Rawang.

We always have a meetup with the rest of the family every year at this coffeeshop after visiting our ancestors' graves. Initially, it was due to convenience since all of us would be hungry by then. Somehow we have come to fancy the shop's cooking especially their famous fish paste wrapped in bean curd sheets (fu chok). That's why we always return to the shop without fail every year. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of fu chok & I never eat them whenever my Grandma cooks it. But the cook in that shop managed to make it surprisingly good - making me craving for more. It's intriguing how tasty food can make someone like me to go ga-ga over it though I hated it previously ^^. Basically, I only eat the fu chok fish paste from that shop & not anywhere else. Not surprising, huh?

After lunch, we headed straight home & I immediately jumped to bed to rest. Other than rushing for assignments, there wasn't much time to do other things. Ah, Mum will be arriving from Shanghai soon. Hmm I wonder what she bought there. *shrugs* Life is just another ordinary day...