Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I was & still contemplating on whether I should go ahead to order the Death Note DVD Complete Set. It's a Korean version - limited edition which includes Korean, English & Japanese subtitles. Since it's a limited one, expect the box packaging to be gorgeous (yummy, I would say... XD). What's more, Taewon Entertainment is the distributor for this movie in Korea. Definitely lots of goodies in this DVD box set. Just in case you guys didn't know, Taewon Entertainment was the one who distributed 동반신기's 1st Live Concert: Rising Sun DVD. And trust me, the packaging & booklet is full of shiny-ness ^^.

It's not like I have insufficient funds to purchase it but I was planning to save up some money for their upcoming concert. And I intended to get a WiFi router in order to ease my trouble of occupying my cousin's or aunt's room to use the net. Fyi, my room only has 1 network cable at the moment which means I have no chance to get connected if my sis is hogging the desktop to download her mangas. Now you know why I'm in a dilemma right now -_-". I bet you guys didn't know that I already spent lots of moolah on Dong Bang's 2nd Japan concert goods XD. As usual, I only bought 2 items. But that's besides the point...I want more money so that I can save up more~

I'm sure y'all are pretty curious about the content of the box set. Here they are! Tell me, who can resist such a beautiful box set...

Ta-daa!!! Lさんはすごくかっこいいでしょう!

*runs off to Ambank to deposit money into the prepaid credit card* XD

Credits: DVDHeaven