Friday, August 31, 2007

I went to college yesterday to enrol for the upcoming semester. To my delight, I passed all my subjects *happy*. I thought I could've failed at least one subject as I knew very well that how badly I did for the some of the papers. Hmm, maybe it wasn't bad enough to fail. I'll be completing the last two subjects for Year 2 before I enter my final year in January. *sighs* Time flies ne~

Met one of my classmates there & chatted with him quite a bit. And we even brought up the topic on the controversial Negaraku...ku music video on YouTube as well as our final year subjects. Since this will be our very last semeser for Year 2, we thought that now it's a good time to start thinking of the subjects to choose for next year. He asked whether I'm considering to take up dissertation. In fact, I've been thinking about this for the past few months since 2nd semester. I believe I'm fit for this subject considering my pretty good grades for assignments.

But then again, do I have what it takes to take up this subject? Maybe not. I guess it's just me being over-confident that this subject is an easy alternative for me to obtain an A grade. My bad. Gosh~ I can't believe that I'm bound to complete my tertiary studies by end of next year. Come to think of it, I'm still not prepared at all to enter the working world at all. Not to mention the fact that I'm already an adult. *cringes*

*deep sigh* Anyways, I'm definitely not in a good financial position right now after spending so much on a brand new hard disk. I had to cuz my old one died... T.T I have to think twice before ordering my Dong Bang stuff *sobs* I need to get a job asap. Btw, this will be the last time you view this blog skin as I will be changing to a new one most likely on Sunday. This skin is old though I really like it very much & hesitant about parting with it. But there should be a change to indicate a fresh start. Also, I kinda bored with the skin after using it for months. Look forward to the new skin, peeps!

Fangirling: Oguri Shun

Monday, August 27, 2007

After watching 花より男子, I've been crazy over this guy called 小栗旬 (Oguri Shun) taking on the role as 花沢類 who is part of the F4 group in the drama. I only got to know him while watching 花ざかりの君たちへ & even complained about how this guy couldn't match up to Wu Zun's looks for the Taiwan version (though this fella acts better than pretty boy Wu Zun). Indeed I was wrong! He looked incredibly good (just like Prince Charming) in 花より男子 & that's where he got really famous. He also appeared in GTO many years ago but I wasn't too keen on watch that drama cuz it was kinda perverted.

Anyways, I've made screencaps from 2 different dramas he appeared in just to make a comparison. How can a girl not fall in love with Prince Charming in shining armor? (pics below featuring Oguri Shun as Hanazawa Rui in Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2)

His latest drama, still airing in Japan showcased him as Sano Izumi in Hanazakari no kimitachi he. I present you, Oguri Shun who had turned slightly tanned & lost so much weight till he looked kinda old (sad T.T).

Credits: chochajin@LJ + + + myself

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I had been so occupied this whole week till I couldn't bring myself to post some updates. Hmm, I might as well summarise the eventful week for your easy reading. It all started last week...

Last Saturday
Mum set for Ipoh without me knowing at all while I was sitting for the last exam paper. Grandpa was hospitalised after complaining about pain at the right side of the crotch area. He was diagnosed with hernia. Surgery was scheduled on Monday, 9am.

Last Sunday
Sent my desktop PC for repair. My 5 year old 80GB hard disk died for good & I was hoping my data could be recovered. I couldn't be bothered if the hard disk is repairable cuz all I need is my mp3 collections. My hopes were dashed when the hard disk turned out to physically damaged. Bought a 160GB at RM210 & slowly build up my collection again -_-.

Became a chauffeur for a couple of days, fetching grandma to & from the hospital. Grandpa's surgery went well as expected. Nothing major. Was entirely addicted to 花より男子 & trying to hard to finish both Season 1 & 2.

Fetched grandma to the hospital again. Did some household chores at home. I haven't been ironing clothes since ages but I still can do it pretty well ^^. Continue with my hanadan (花より男子) fever & at the same time downloading プロポーズ大作戦.

Grandpa was dispatched from the hospital. He is healthy but just a little tired. Hospital bill turned out to I need to say it? Hanadan fever continues. It took me several days to complete 2 seasons. Phew!

The instant water heater in the bathroom next to my room hadn't been working for the past 2 weeks. I endured the lack of hot water by bathing in icy cold water instead. It wasn't that bad, after all & I'm starting to get the hang of it. Felt really refreshing after a cold bath XD.

Was watching 花ざかりの君たちへ Episode 7, I think. Couldn't really remember but I know I did something. Erm, I slept too o_O *shrugs*. Oohhh~ I just remembered. I went to the bank cuz I need to bank in some money to my credit card. Aiya, I wanna buy something online. What else?

Only found in the morning that I had mouth infection after looking at myself in the mirror. Chicken pox-like pimples sprouted on the bottom right of my lips. It looked awfully bad & it kinda resembles the HFM disease. TOUCH WOOD! Had a really bad flu throughout the day & I couldn't bring myself to accompany my sis while she was busy with her art competition. And then I slept almost the whole day.

Went to the bank pay up Dad's bills & did some minor cleaning up in my room. Though my table didn't look any better...-_-. I'm eager to watch The Da Vinci Code tonight though I already saw the premiere last year & had a plentiful of complaints about how sucky the movie was. I'd probably expected too much since the book turned out to be superb.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

ただいま!もう終わりちゃった~ ^^ Exams are finally over. I'm FREE...*squee* Don't even start asking about how the papers turned out to be. It's just...kinda bad, I guess. Best paper I did out of the four so far was Retail Marketing. I supposed I really put much effort in it, not to mention the paper being easier than I expected. *shrugs* Oh well, what's done is done. Can't possibly turn back time, right?

I'm back to being a drama addict again lately D-Addicts forum. I still recall those days during 2001 that I always made it a point to catch up with all the Japanese dramas aired on TV3. And then I would start fangirling with my best friend in school. Ah...those were the days when I was head-over-heels in love with 滝沢秀明. And I bought almost every single drama that he starred in despite the poor subs & video quality. At the moment, I'm hooked on to 花より男子 & 花ざかりの君たちへ cuz there's this cute actor named 小栗旬. Call me lame for only watching 花より男子 now since this is a 2005 drama. You see, I was put off by the Taiwanese version of the same title cuz of the hopeless acting skills. And so I thought the Japanese one wouldn't fare any better either. I was wrong -_-". That's why, never judge a book by its cover.

Anyways, Grandpa was admitted to hospital yesterday due to hernia. If the word sounds alien to you, just look up Wiki & you'll understand better than I try to explain here. Basically it's somewhat related to male's testicles & my grandpa needed surgery to remove some skin; that's what I was told. The surgery is pretty minor so there's nothing to worry about. But I'm glad that my exams are over as my grandpa don't have to chauffeur me around for 2 weeks. He can have all the time he needs to recuperate ^^. No biggie.

I suppose most of you are aware about this Malaysian Chinese dude studying in Taiwan actually made a fanvid using the national anthem as a theme song but modified to rap version. No matter how much I agree with him about the government & country's dirty secrets, I hope the video won't spark off racism riots just like the May 13 incident. Besides, I still have friends from diverse ethnicities whom I have no reason to go against them. Indeed the truth hurts but there's nothing we can do about it unless someone prominent would propose a change. It's a pity that all of us have to put up with government's fault...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Exams!! Will be back in a week's time. Pray for me, ppl~

Credits: ~Sasuya@deviantart

Friday, August 03, 2007

The sleepless nights and endless presentation nightmares had finally came to an end. What a relief! But it's not over yet cuz exams are coming up in 2 weeks. I suppose the exam this time is tougher as we're given a long case study (yes, 20 pages...) to prepare before we bring it to the exam hall. The exam format goes like this...we're allowed to scribble anything on the case study & use it as a guideline to answer the questions. No other scribbled paper are allowed so we have to utilise whatever space we have on the case study paper for the necessary notes. I doubt you can fit the notes for the whole syllabus anyway.

I just bought a brand new LCD monitor several days ago. It's about time anyway cuz my old CRT is giving me problems (my sis uses the desktop more nowadays). At RM599, it's pretty darn good & the design is super sexy. I'm so proud to have one ^^.

Tadaa! The new, sexy Samsung SyncMaster 732N Plus

With a refresh rate of 5ms & contrast ratio of 2000:1

Look at the vivid colours & ultra high resolution at 1280 x 1024~ Are you green with envy now? XD Okay, okay...I'm not trying to be a show-off but erm, just telling you guys that this model is a good buy. It's not enough for gamers but moderate users like us would find it more than sufficient. Perhaps you guys might wanna try out this model when your old monitor dies.

P.S. I should be studying -_-"