Sunday, August 19, 2007

ただいま!もう終わりちゃった~ ^^ Exams are finally over. I'm FREE...*squee* Don't even start asking about how the papers turned out to be. It's just...kinda bad, I guess. Best paper I did out of the four so far was Retail Marketing. I supposed I really put much effort in it, not to mention the paper being easier than I expected. *shrugs* Oh well, what's done is done. Can't possibly turn back time, right?

I'm back to being a drama addict again lately D-Addicts forum. I still recall those days during 2001 that I always made it a point to catch up with all the Japanese dramas aired on TV3. And then I would start fangirling with my best friend in school. Ah...those were the days when I was head-over-heels in love with 滝沢秀明. And I bought almost every single drama that he starred in despite the poor subs & video quality. At the moment, I'm hooked on to 花より男子 & 花ざかりの君たちへ cuz there's this cute actor named 小栗旬. Call me lame for only watching 花より男子 now since this is a 2005 drama. You see, I was put off by the Taiwanese version of the same title cuz of the hopeless acting skills. And so I thought the Japanese one wouldn't fare any better either. I was wrong -_-". That's why, never judge a book by its cover.

Anyways, Grandpa was admitted to hospital yesterday due to hernia. If the word sounds alien to you, just look up Wiki & you'll understand better than I try to explain here. Basically it's somewhat related to male's testicles & my grandpa needed surgery to remove some skin; that's what I was told. The surgery is pretty minor so there's nothing to worry about. But I'm glad that my exams are over as my grandpa don't have to chauffeur me around for 2 weeks. He can have all the time he needs to recuperate ^^. No biggie.

I suppose most of you are aware about this Malaysian Chinese dude studying in Taiwan actually made a fanvid using the national anthem as a theme song but modified to rap version. No matter how much I agree with him about the government & country's dirty secrets, I hope the video won't spark off racism riots just like the May 13 incident. Besides, I still have friends from diverse ethnicities whom I have no reason to go against them. Indeed the truth hurts but there's nothing we can do about it unless someone prominent would propose a change. It's a pity that all of us have to put up with government's fault...