Sunday, August 26, 2007

I had been so occupied this whole week till I couldn't bring myself to post some updates. Hmm, I might as well summarise the eventful week for your easy reading. It all started last week...

Last Saturday
Mum set for Ipoh without me knowing at all while I was sitting for the last exam paper. Grandpa was hospitalised after complaining about pain at the right side of the crotch area. He was diagnosed with hernia. Surgery was scheduled on Monday, 9am.

Last Sunday
Sent my desktop PC for repair. My 5 year old 80GB hard disk died for good & I was hoping my data could be recovered. I couldn't be bothered if the hard disk is repairable cuz all I need is my mp3 collections. My hopes were dashed when the hard disk turned out to physically damaged. Bought a 160GB at RM210 & slowly build up my collection again -_-.

Became a chauffeur for a couple of days, fetching grandma to & from the hospital. Grandpa's surgery went well as expected. Nothing major. Was entirely addicted to 花より男子 & trying to hard to finish both Season 1 & 2.

Fetched grandma to the hospital again. Did some household chores at home. I haven't been ironing clothes since ages but I still can do it pretty well ^^. Continue with my hanadan (花より男子) fever & at the same time downloading プロポーズ大作戦.

Grandpa was dispatched from the hospital. He is healthy but just a little tired. Hospital bill turned out to I need to say it? Hanadan fever continues. It took me several days to complete 2 seasons. Phew!

The instant water heater in the bathroom next to my room hadn't been working for the past 2 weeks. I endured the lack of hot water by bathing in icy cold water instead. It wasn't that bad, after all & I'm starting to get the hang of it. Felt really refreshing after a cold bath XD.

Was watching 花ざかりの君たちへ Episode 7, I think. Couldn't really remember but I know I did something. Erm, I slept too o_O *shrugs*. Oohhh~ I just remembered. I went to the bank cuz I need to bank in some money to my credit card. Aiya, I wanna buy something online. What else?

Only found in the morning that I had mouth infection after looking at myself in the mirror. Chicken pox-like pimples sprouted on the bottom right of my lips. It looked awfully bad & it kinda resembles the HFM disease. TOUCH WOOD! Had a really bad flu throughout the day & I couldn't bring myself to accompany my sis while she was busy with her art competition. And then I slept almost the whole day.

Went to the bank pay up Dad's bills & did some minor cleaning up in my room. Though my table didn't look any better...-_-. I'm eager to watch The Da Vinci Code tonight though I already saw the premiere last year & had a plentiful of complaints about how sucky the movie was. I'd probably expected too much since the book turned out to be superb.