Friday, August 03, 2007

The sleepless nights and endless presentation nightmares had finally came to an end. What a relief! But it's not over yet cuz exams are coming up in 2 weeks. I suppose the exam this time is tougher as we're given a long case study (yes, 20 pages...) to prepare before we bring it to the exam hall. The exam format goes like this...we're allowed to scribble anything on the case study & use it as a guideline to answer the questions. No other scribbled paper are allowed so we have to utilise whatever space we have on the case study paper for the necessary notes. I doubt you can fit the notes for the whole syllabus anyway.

I just bought a brand new LCD monitor several days ago. It's about time anyway cuz my old CRT is giving me problems (my sis uses the desktop more nowadays). At RM599, it's pretty darn good & the design is super sexy. I'm so proud to have one ^^.

Tadaa! The new, sexy Samsung SyncMaster 732N Plus

With a refresh rate of 5ms & contrast ratio of 2000:1

Look at the vivid colours & ultra high resolution at 1280 x 1024~ Are you green with envy now? XD Okay, okay...I'm not trying to be a show-off but erm, just telling you guys that this model is a good buy. It's not enough for gamers but moderate users like us would find it more than sufficient. Perhaps you guys might wanna try out this model when your old monitor dies.

P.S. I should be studying -_-"