Friday, July 27, 2007

I've been busy for the whole week that I couldn't even find time to blog at least once. You see, I was occupied with rushing to complete my assignments which all due back to back. This is one of the craziest semesters I've ever experienced *sweats*.

A friend of mine who uses government loan to pay college fees had encountered a problem recently. She was unlucky cuz PTPTN left out her account when allocating funds to all the applicants. There's a possibility that she might not be able to sit for the upcoming semester exams. She has to apply for deferrment for the next semester if necessary. Honestly, I felt really upset after she told me about this.

I'm gonna miss talking with her about the Dong Bangs & getting all fangirly when MTV shows their MVs (well, not like they ever will... -_-"). I mean, we've got loads to talk about & things would be different if she's not around. But what saddens me is that she has no choice but to delay her studies again. Yeah, she did it previously & she might need to do it again. *sighs* Oh well, I guess there's nothing I can do about this...

Okay, here're some pics from the Intiball earlier this month. Sorry for taking such a long time to post them up cuz like I said, I was & still busy. The ones I took using my good 'ol camera is still inside. You might have to wait for that. It's not like I'm not posting anything, right? ^^