Sunday, July 01, 2007

OMG~ Transformers ROCKS BIG TIME!! *squee* This is a movie you can't afford to miss. The CGs are awesome especially when the robots' transformation process is so elaborate & detailed. Probably more than 10,000 moving parts were animated to make the robots look surreal. Action scenes were superb & it kept me at the edge of the seat most of the time during the 2 hour show.

Storyline wise, it was pretty interesting how Michael Bay changed it a little to provide the movie appeal. I bet die-hard G1 fans wouldn't fancy such moves. As a fan of Transformers (not die-hard though...), I thought the change was rather fresh & cool in a way. A thing to note in the movie that's not originally in the cartoon is the robots are capable of taking any form whenever they see one. One good example is when Bumblebee took on a new design from an old junk car to a brand new Camaro by copying one of the Camaro car passing by. How cool is that? ^^

I dun wanna spoil too much as I know some of you haven't watched it yet. Go watch it & you be the judge. My only slight disappointment is that Megatron was defeated so easily...-_-". I want him to end the battle majestically with Optimus Prime. Apparently the sequel is confirmed so I'm hoping more emphasis is given to the robots. A little too much about human issues in this movie but I would say it's a good start to introduce Transformers to the world. I mean, what's important is it appeals to the mass market besides the G1 die-hard fans. Since this movie had pleased the non-fans, it has done a pretty good job to turned them into future die-hard fans. :D

Mum, sis & I walked around 1 Utama New Wing after lunch & stopped by at the Sony Fair at the Oval area. That's where I got my new pair of headphones which costs me RM99 only (retail price RM109). Mum was contemplating on whether or not to buy the DVD player but decided not to in the end. I'm glad she didn't cuz it wasn't on promotion anyway as claimed by the salesman. The catalogue stated the retail price clearly anyways.

Then, Mum told me to get a new pair of high heels for my upcoming Intiball. I was surprised when she said that cuz I intended to wear my old one since it matches my green dress. Nevertheless, I love the new heels I just bought. It's a little pricey but as long as it's gorgeous XD. And it's 3 1/2 inches so I bet my legs are gonna hurt on that very night. Oh well...that's the price to pay for wanting to look pretty. Am I right?

P.S. Pics of my shoe will be posted later. I wanna go sleep now...