Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I was so excited when my prom dress arrived yesterday. It looks absolutely fabulous at such a cheap price. Of course, I didn't expect much from the material used cuz at RM59.90; there's no way you can get a chiffon dress. I'll kill myself if you can ever get one.

Here's how the dress looks like. I haven't got to take a pic of myself wearing it together with my shoes. I always end up not wearing a proper bra underneath when trying the dress for everyone to see. Perhaps I should save the best moment for the prom night itself & take loads of beautiful pics. ^^

Gah~ If only my 3.2mp camera wasn't stolen in the first place. Then I wouldn't need to rely on others to take pics. T.T Somebody just get me a brand new camera right now!! *wails* Oh boy, I just realised that I'll be attending events one week after another. Intiball is this Saturday while Talent Nite is scheduled next week. *imagines money flying away* T.T

Dad might be driving my grandparents to JB next Thursday which means I might have to drive to uni myself. Ack! The hassle of finding a carpark & leave it there until class ends. Thank goodness class starts at 8am so it forces me to leave house earlier to grab a good parking space. Hmm yes...that should be it.