Monday, July 09, 2007

I managed to get hold of one of my pics in the ball. It kinda sucked actually -_-" & it was taken using an N95. Speaking of that phone, it has a 5 mega-pixel camera. *shakes head* The camera can't escape problem with slow shutter speed in low light conditions when the flash is turned off. Nothing beats a good 'ol film camera. Digital camera is not too bad either if it has an anti-shake function just like Panasonic Lumix's revolutionary Mega O.I.S.

Here's me with a rather stupid look. L-R: My classmate, me, his gf (she's gorgeous, isn't she?) ^^


Hi all. I know you guys are eagerly waiting for me to post the pics of the Intiball. Fret not, I will definitely post soon as I finish snapping & finishing the film in my camera. That's right, I decided to return to the good 'ol bulky camera - which still comes in handy at times when you dun own a sophisticated anti-shake digital camera.

I should be able to finish the film by this Saturday, hopefully. Just sit down & wait patiently, will ya? Dun expect much pics cuz there wasn't much to take anyways. Besides, I'm missing one person to camwhore with. You know who you are XD.