Friday, July 13, 2007

The T-shirts that I was talking about look sooo cute. I bet it's selling like hot cakes among Dong Bang fans.


While driving home from college, grandma suddenly mentioned that my clothes are here. Bwuh? Clothes...?? Since when I ordered clothes online after my prom dress? I couldn't recall anything at all. Gah~ I shrugged it off as I was busy driving anyway.

The minute I caught a glimpse of a crumpled & stuffed up envelope on my bed; all of a sudden I remembered what it was. It's the Dong Bang artwork T-shirts that I ordered last month & they're finally here. Guess what, this was the 1st order that encountered problems in spite of my frequent purchase from YesAsia. Apparently, my credit card couldn't be billed after they shipped out the package. My credit card had insufficient credit at the time when they billed it. It wasn't my fault for the insufficient credit & it was with the bank after all & yadi yada.

Anyways, the dispute was over & I'm too lazy to dwell on it. Besides, I'm worried sick about my incomplete assignments which will be due in 2-3 weeks to come. Believe it or not, we have not even discuss properly. The upcoming weeks will definitely be a nightmare~ *sweats*