Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm back again with another post. It'll be really short this time. Decided to put up IT'S IN THE STARS PV for viewing. Look, look! Another postcard from w-inds. *grins* This postcard is lovely...looks sharper compared to PRIME OF LIFE. Seems like some w-inds. fans doesn't fancy this brand new single. I wonder it because of the guys' sudden change of musical style from their usual bubblegum pop to house/trance? Hmm, maybe. IMHO, the shift in their style of music is rather refreshing. Love it! I personally like house music too *smiles*. Who said the cover was horrid? Yeah, it was plain but quite artistic for such a simple cover.

Got a ticket to the Musical Charity Concert that my sis was pestering me to go. The reason:- to show moral support since my sis will be performing some cowboy dance. Other than that, it'll be a chance for me to re-visit my "school" life (watching performances by students like I used to do back in secondary school). There will be a trip to the shelter in PJ area on Sunday & I wonder how it'll turn out. Not many people going...*sighs* Hopefully everything will be fine (though I secretly hope that the trip will be cancelled at the last minute) *smiles devishly*. I'm LAZY to go.