All Shiny White Date Day 4

Monday, August 31, 2009

As simple as 1-2-3, as easy as ABC. Brushing my teeth with Darlie's All Shiny White toothpaste makes them sparkingly clean with fresh minty breath. ^^

P.S. Some people might be wondering why I'm posting my daily progress of the contest & help promote the brand. Well, I don't get paid out of doing this but I'm doing it willingly cuz it keeps me busy working on writing & posting up new stuff in order to keep my little blog alive. I'll become really lazy if I don't use some of my brain juice to think of a topic to type about on my humble lappie, y'know. It keeps me going when life seems bleak & less motivating. Furthermore, I have some avid followers (though not many) who drives me to blog even more. Very encouraging. =)

All Shiny White Date Day 3

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dear peeps, it's the third day. Let's see what's the task lined up for me. *determined*

It's non-stop brushing time. After that, it's time for "dress shopping". Basically, I'm supposed to hunt for a white dress that I would wear to my white date. On one condition, it has to be a spot-on dress that will dazzle him to the point where he can't possibly peel his eyes off you. Dress hunting, I did & narrowed down my options to two. It was seriously difficult to decide which one suits me best. Knowing that I don't go for flamboyant styles; in which to me is trying to hard to shout out loud. Simplicity, innocence & sweetness describe me the best; if that dress encompasses them - accentuating my curves & creating an illusion of a well-endowed bosom - it's more than enough to sweep WL off his feet. Ultimately, my white date is no other than him after all. ;)

I was contemplating between these two designs...

And the verdict is...

Dress 1 is interesting but I'd probably won't have enough boobs anyway to support the upper chest area. As you can see, the model is a little flat too & it didn't look very attractive to me. Wearing a push-up bra won't do justice either. A very chic dress but if it doesn't flatter my body, no-no. I felt Dress 2 will indeed highlight my chest area; creating a large bosom (illusion-wise). The material used is soft & flows well with the body. It exudes a certain charm - elegant yet simple, innocent, sweet & lady-like. A plus point to portray another side of me...youthful & feminine. Now I'm one step closer to my beautiful white date. ^^

Dress 2 is designed by Priscilla of Boston

Bad luck as ever

Hours ago I was ranting about how devastated I was when the HDD decided to fail without any prior warning. Guess what? The anklet tied around my left ankle in which WL bought from Vietnam broke into two. I seriously refused to believe what had happened a couple of minutes ago. First, one of the gem dropped of the anklet. I felt really bad about it.

Now it's worse cuz it's no longer wearable. Beyond repair. =(


I'm so not a happy girl right now.

HDD failed!

I always learn lessons the hard way & what's worse is that I never really learn to avoid the mistakes I made before. My good 'ol external hard drive decided to fail on me yesterday. And I DID NOT backup my files! *cries* Should've noticed the warning a few days ago when my PC could no longer detect it upon plugging into the USB port. *sighs*

To my horror, the drive is producing a clicking sound - what the tech people calls the "clicking sound of death". Besides tht, the drive is even emitting a rather strange beeping sound reminiscence of heart beat from a machine in a hospital ward. The drive has finally meet its doomed fate.

I should've known...I really should. What's even more devastating is that it's not my first time encountering data loss from a hard drive that decided to die out of the blue. Now I've completely lost all my collections of my old photos, Dong Bang videos, random files I've downloaded & wish to keep. T.T

Pic credit: licen90 @ deviantart

All Shiny White Date Day 2

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's the second day already! Time to accomplish the task of the day. So what's the mission?


Yeah, of course. It's essential to keep our teeth clean & sparkling, preventing bad breath & cavities. Or else we'll end up frightening our dream guy away. No more white date then =(

P.S. I must be insane snapping a pic of myself brushing teeth in the bathroom =P

All Shiny White Date Day 1

Friday, August 28, 2009

Although the hype has started probably one-two months ago, I've decided that I didn't wanna be left out of the fun. And so I've embarked on a journey to tranform into a beautiful swan in 14 days; in preparation for the upcoming white date with my dream guy. It's not like I don't have one already but I WANT A WHITE DATE WITH WL!! =D

There are tasks to be completed each day throughout the 14 day duration in order to stand a chance to win attractive prizes. Sorry guys, this game is strictly for girls only as the grand prize is a designer handbag of our choice worth RM5,000. Unless you're planning to win it for your sweetie, it's unlikely that you'll participate cuz the activities are very female focused. ^^

Click on the thumbnail to start your journey now, girls~

My first task of the day is to virtually brush my teeth with Darlie's All Shiny White toothpaste for that extra sparkling whiteness.

Task 2 is easy-peasy-lemon-squeasy!

Due to restrictions, I was only allowed to send to 16 friends in my Facebook (you can play in either FB or the website). Hopefully they'll also join in the fun. Which gal would wanna miss the chance for such a gorgeous swag?

I've completed my tasks for Day 1. Incredibly easy~ Hehe. I'll have to wait until tomorrow before I'm given the next task in order to be in the running for the Grand Prize & also your dreamy white date. Stay tune!

Kissing under the (starry) night sky

I was out of office that day as part of my plan to clear some annual leave. On the other hand, WL was at work & wanting to see me - he asked me out for dinner. I agreed for I also mutually shared the same thought of wanting to see him so badly.

Towards the later evening, I sensed that he'd probably won't be able to make it...just like last time. A rush of disappointment overcame me no matter how hard I tried to control my emotions. My family was giving me a hard time at that moment made matters worse off. =(

Thankfully, WL came & took me out for a quick dinner. I wasn't in a good mood to begin with. But even then, WL tolerated & relied on his usual antics to cheer up the atmosphere. The restaurant we dined in, unfortunately, served pretty bad food coupled with poor service. Even the cheerful but tired from work WL couldn't hold on to his agitation with the unfriendly staff.

Nevertheless, our mood lighten up after dinner & as WL left for the washroom; I grabbed his car keys in which he left on the our table & slipped into my handbag. =P We left soon after he was out of the washroom - without me reminding him if he left anything. And he didn't seem to remember that he left something either - assuming that he had them all safely tucked in his pocket. How careless! Hehe.

As we approached the car at the outdoor carpark, he rummaged deep down his pockets & only to realise that the keys were missing. I stopped him before he could walk back in the direction of the restaurant & told him, "It's with me..." With that, he coiled his arms around my neck & playfully squeezed me for being such a naughty gal. I gingerly took out the keys & handed it to him. Upon taking it from me, WL grabbed me at the waist so quickly & pulled me close until our lips were inches close - whilst leaning on his car for support. My heart skipped a beat & without further a due, his lips touched mine.

I felt his warm breath tickled my cheeks as WL continued to hug me tightly as he moved on to a deep, passionate kiss. I responded to his deepening kiss & allowed myself to melt away like butter. Later we found out that someone was busy watching the entire scene. Though embarrassed, I pulled WL back into the car & continued smooching him for several minutes. I'd have to admit that this was the best kiss in my life. It's just like a scene out of a typical romantic comedy that I would watch on a lazy weekend afternoon. I think I'm even more in love with WL now...♥

Cookies galore

Monday, August 24, 2009

I spent the weekend putting my baking skills into practice. It wasn't my first time baking cookies. In fact, it's already my 3rd time baking - muffins was the 2nd thing i baked a couple of weeks back. Here's the result of my attempt in making the greatest pleasure snack in the world - chocolate chip cookies!

I suck at photography so this is the best I could come out with. Put aside the burned colour of the cookies due to an overheated oven, the recipe is almost perfect as the cookies is so fragrant & tasted buttery. A tad too sweet for my liking which is why I'm planning to reduce the white sugar drastically in the next round. Lesser sweetness allows room for additional chocolate chips. Yummy!

WL complimented that my baking skill has improved tremendously from the first time I baked shortbread cookies for his birthday. Indeed I was delighted & definitely striving to do better. Thanks my beloved "mice"~ *muacks* =)

*Made from the recipe posted on The Joy of Baking

Baby shower

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A colleague of mine who gave birth to a boy last month has finally thrown a baby shower to celebrate her baby's month old. One month old already, you ask? Yeah, see how time flies. I couldn't believe it myself either. On top of that, she had gone through a tremendous weight loss too. And she's looking as stunning as before. Happy for her~ =)

The party was organised at Mum's Place situated at Damansara Perdana. It serves mainly local Malaysian & nyonya dishes to whet your hungry appetites. The restaurant is rather huge & spacious; occupying both ground & first floors of two shoplots. The decor is very Javanese-influenced with teak wood fixtures & decorations donning the entire premise. The waiter ushered me & WL - twisting & turning around the premise leading to the banquet hall. We thought the restaurant has a rather strange layout but later found out the reason behind this long-winded journey. The restaurant also serves its function as an antique shop, hoping to tap on potential antique collectors who dine in as well. No wonder there were mini price tags seen dangling on some wooden pieces on display.

Food is pretty good & I was relieved that it wasn't as deadly spicy as descibed by my aunt. And thankfully, my colleague didn't order much spicy food in general. Phew~ I heard that the price ranged between RM40-50 plus. Seems expensive but I shouldn't be complaining. The restaurant offered generous servings of deer meat & mutton much to everyone's delight. Perhaps it's worth paying a second visit to try their ala carte menu. Or set menu. Whatever they have to offer.

Speaking of gifts, I'm glad that my colleague loved them. Imagine going with WL to shop for several packs of baby diapers, wet wipes & a boxful of baby essentials (lotion, powder, shampoo...yadi yada) on an early Saturday afternoon. Paranoid I may be, I thought I saw some kepohs casting curious looks on us. Do I looked like I already gave birth & WL fathering a six-month-old baby? -_-"

Drop dead tired

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's been really hectic & exhausting lately that I'm falling behind in updating my blog. Thousand apologies for that. My workload is tiring me down but nothing can be done at the moment. The request that I've brought up a month ago has not return with a positive response yet. Meanwhile, I'm still trying my best to hold on. *sighs* I wonder how much longer I can do that...

Today was a wee bit interesting day for me. I was on a trip to KL to observe my agency conducting dry sampling on a Cruiser. The entire process of negotiating with them for the project was long-winded & time consuming - with last minute changes along the way. This is mainly due to our indecisive nature & red tape issues that hinder the process. Thank God it was finally decided & I'm actually quite proud of what I've done. It was nothing huge nor incredible, but it was a good start in showcasing my negotiation skills.

The first day was quite good, to be honest. Response was obviously good cuz as you all know that Malaysians love receiving freebies. Whether they would consider the product purchase is unknown, most of the time. Neverthless, the crowd's demographics matched our target market very well & I strongly believe that's a plus point. We'd at least managed to create awareness & entice trials among these potential consumers. The only problem that needs to be rectified is to ensure good distribution of products at outlets in order to reach to these consumers as much as possible. something beyond my control.

At the end of the day, the Cruiser team were already dehyrated & almost starving with hunger. We were all treated with a sumptuous meal at a Thai restaurant facing Jalan Raja Chulan...err, I think. Or Jalan Sultan Ismail? Gosh, whatever. It's situated at the Pasar Tengahari road behind The Weld. I personally never fancy Thai food but this restaurant is not bad. I don't remember the name precisely but if I'm not wrong, it's Paradise Lodge. It has a very nice ambience with a pond garden cum walkway to the entrance.

Interesting day, it was. I'm having sores all over now for walking too much; the first & last thing I need now is to have a good night's sleep. It's the weekend tomorrow. *yawns*

Wedding groove

Monday, August 03, 2009

I just had to post a link to this video that I bumped into while randomly reading news on the net. It was hilarious & fun but heartfelt at the same time. How often do you see weddings like this so upbeat & cheeky? If I can do something like this for my wedding, super cool isn't it? XD Minus the "ketiak" dance that WL keeps on complaining about. Perhaps something more groovy no? ^^

P.S. I love this video...

Yellow blob

Sunday, August 02, 2009

After months of searching, I've finally found what I've been looking for...

The perfect solution to cleaning hard-to-reach areas on the keyboard.


Upon unwrapping, you'll find yourself with a gooey yellow blob - the texture a little rubber-ish & sticky but not as bouncy as those green stuff as shown in the movie, Flubber.

It definitely cleans very well! *thumbs up*

Indeed a good purchase~