Cookies galore

Monday, August 24, 2009

I spent the weekend putting my baking skills into practice. It wasn't my first time baking cookies. In fact, it's already my 3rd time baking - muffins was the 2nd thing i baked a couple of weeks back. Here's the result of my attempt in making the greatest pleasure snack in the world - chocolate chip cookies!

I suck at photography so this is the best I could come out with. Put aside the burned colour of the cookies due to an overheated oven, the recipe is almost perfect as the cookies is so fragrant & tasted buttery. A tad too sweet for my liking which is why I'm planning to reduce the white sugar drastically in the next round. Lesser sweetness allows room for additional chocolate chips. Yummy!

WL complimented that my baking skill has improved tremendously from the first time I baked shortbread cookies for his birthday. Indeed I was delighted & definitely striving to do better. Thanks my beloved "mice"~ *muacks* =)

*Made from the recipe posted on The Joy of Baking