All Shiny White Date Day 3

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dear peeps, it's the third day. Let's see what's the task lined up for me. *determined*

It's non-stop brushing time. After that, it's time for "dress shopping". Basically, I'm supposed to hunt for a white dress that I would wear to my white date. On one condition, it has to be a spot-on dress that will dazzle him to the point where he can't possibly peel his eyes off you. Dress hunting, I did & narrowed down my options to two. It was seriously difficult to decide which one suits me best. Knowing that I don't go for flamboyant styles; in which to me is trying to hard to shout out loud. Simplicity, innocence & sweetness describe me the best; if that dress encompasses them - accentuating my curves & creating an illusion of a well-endowed bosom - it's more than enough to sweep WL off his feet. Ultimately, my white date is no other than him after all. ;)

I was contemplating between these two designs...

And the verdict is...

Dress 1 is interesting but I'd probably won't have enough boobs anyway to support the upper chest area. As you can see, the model is a little flat too & it didn't look very attractive to me. Wearing a push-up bra won't do justice either. A very chic dress but if it doesn't flatter my body, no-no. I felt Dress 2 will indeed highlight my chest area; creating a large bosom (illusion-wise). The material used is soft & flows well with the body. It exudes a certain charm - elegant yet simple, innocent, sweet & lady-like. A plus point to portray another side of me...youthful & feminine. Now I'm one step closer to my beautiful white date. ^^

Dress 2 is designed by Priscilla of Boston