HDD failed!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I always learn lessons the hard way & what's worse is that I never really learn to avoid the mistakes I made before. My good 'ol external hard drive decided to fail on me yesterday. And I DID NOT backup my files! *cries* Should've noticed the warning a few days ago when my PC could no longer detect it upon plugging into the USB port. *sighs*

To my horror, the drive is producing a clicking sound - what the tech people calls the "clicking sound of death". Besides tht, the drive is even emitting a rather strange beeping sound reminiscence of heart beat from a machine in a hospital ward. The drive has finally meet its doomed fate.

I should've known...I really should. What's even more devastating is that it's not my first time encountering data loss from a hard drive that decided to die out of the blue. Now I've completely lost all my collections of my old photos, Dong Bang videos, random files I've downloaded & wish to keep. T.T

Pic credit: licen90 @ deviantart