Drop dead tired

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's been really hectic & exhausting lately that I'm falling behind in updating my blog. Thousand apologies for that. My workload is tiring me down but nothing can be done at the moment. The request that I've brought up a month ago has not return with a positive response yet. Meanwhile, I'm still trying my best to hold on. *sighs* I wonder how much longer I can do that...

Today was a wee bit interesting day for me. I was on a trip to KL to observe my agency conducting dry sampling on a Cruiser. The entire process of negotiating with them for the project was long-winded & time consuming - with last minute changes along the way. This is mainly due to our indecisive nature & red tape issues that hinder the process. Thank God it was finally decided & I'm actually quite proud of what I've done. It was nothing huge nor incredible, but it was a good start in showcasing my negotiation skills.

The first day was quite good, to be honest. Response was obviously good cuz as you all know that Malaysians love receiving freebies. Whether they would consider the product purchase is unknown, most of the time. Neverthless, the crowd's demographics matched our target market very well & I strongly believe that's a plus point. We'd at least managed to create awareness & entice trials among these potential consumers. The only problem that needs to be rectified is to ensure good distribution of products at outlets in order to reach to these consumers as much as possible. That...is something beyond my control.

At the end of the day, the Cruiser team were already dehyrated & almost starving with hunger. We were all treated with a sumptuous meal at a Thai restaurant facing Jalan Raja Chulan...err, I think. Or Jalan Sultan Ismail? Gosh, whatever. It's situated at the Pasar Tengahari road behind The Weld. I personally never fancy Thai food but this restaurant is not bad. I don't remember the name precisely but if I'm not wrong, it's Paradise Lodge. It has a very nice ambience with a pond garden cum walkway to the entrance.

Interesting day, it was. I'm having sores all over now for walking too much; the first & last thing I need now is to have a good night's sleep. It's the weekend tomorrow. *yawns*