Baby shower

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A colleague of mine who gave birth to a boy last month has finally thrown a baby shower to celebrate her baby's month old. One month old already, you ask? Yeah, see how time flies. I couldn't believe it myself either. On top of that, she had gone through a tremendous weight loss too. And she's looking as stunning as before. Happy for her~ =)

The party was organised at Mum's Place situated at Damansara Perdana. It serves mainly local Malaysian & nyonya dishes to whet your hungry appetites. The restaurant is rather huge & spacious; occupying both ground & first floors of two shoplots. The decor is very Javanese-influenced with teak wood fixtures & decorations donning the entire premise. The waiter ushered me & WL - twisting & turning around the premise leading to the banquet hall. We thought the restaurant has a rather strange layout but later found out the reason behind this long-winded journey. The restaurant also serves its function as an antique shop, hoping to tap on potential antique collectors who dine in as well. No wonder there were mini price tags seen dangling on some wooden pieces on display.

Food is pretty good & I was relieved that it wasn't as deadly spicy as descibed by my aunt. And thankfully, my colleague didn't order much spicy food in general. Phew~ I heard that the price ranged between RM40-50 plus. Seems expensive but I shouldn't be complaining. The restaurant offered generous servings of deer meat & mutton much to everyone's delight. Perhaps it's worth paying a second visit to try their ala carte menu. Or set menu. Whatever they have to offer.

Speaking of gifts, I'm glad that my colleague loved them. Imagine going with WL to shop for several packs of baby diapers, wet wipes & a boxful of baby essentials (lotion, powder, shampoo...yadi yada) on an early Saturday afternoon. Paranoid I may be, I thought I saw some kepohs casting curious looks on us. Do I looked like I already gave birth & WL fathering a six-month-old baby? -_-"