All Shiny White Date Day 1

Friday, August 28, 2009

Although the hype has started probably one-two months ago, I've decided that I didn't wanna be left out of the fun. And so I've embarked on a journey to tranform into a beautiful swan in 14 days; in preparation for the upcoming white date with my dream guy. It's not like I don't have one already but I WANT A WHITE DATE WITH WL!! =D

There are tasks to be completed each day throughout the 14 day duration in order to stand a chance to win attractive prizes. Sorry guys, this game is strictly for girls only as the grand prize is a designer handbag of our choice worth RM5,000. Unless you're planning to win it for your sweetie, it's unlikely that you'll participate cuz the activities are very female focused. ^^

Click on the thumbnail to start your journey now, girls~

My first task of the day is to virtually brush my teeth with Darlie's All Shiny White toothpaste for that extra sparkling whiteness.

Task 2 is easy-peasy-lemon-squeasy!

Due to restrictions, I was only allowed to send to 16 friends in my Facebook (you can play in either FB or the website). Hopefully they'll also join in the fun. Which gal would wanna miss the chance for such a gorgeous swag?

I've completed my tasks for Day 1. Incredibly easy~ Hehe. I'll have to wait until tomorrow before I'm given the next task in order to be in the running for the Grand Prize & also your dreamy white date. Stay tune!