Suicide Squad

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Marvel Studios has their own MCU & now DC Comics is joining in the bandwagon to create their own cinematic universe. Just because...

I tried to immerse myself into DC's cinematic universe by starting off with a reboot of Superman titled Man Of Steel. Unfortunately, it failed to impress me & I have covered a review about it previously. I decided to skip the next lineup, Batman vs Superman as I wasn't convinced with the new cast - the fact that Ben Affleck is the caped dark crusader bothers me.

Then along came Suicide Squad, which is an assemble of villainy characters in DC ala Avengers style. I didn't even consider this movie in my must-watch list but WL asked me to give this movie a chance. The casts include Will Smith & Jared Leto so it shouldn't be all that bad, I thought.