Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'll make this post real short just for this time. Need to go to bed soon. *sighs* Work, work & work. So yeah, this Friday would be my last day working at that miserable institution. Decided not to extend my employment period due to several reasons.
1. My expenses are more than the given salary
2. Too exhausting to commute the train to work every day
3. Indirectly refraining myself from spending unnecessarily
I've been spending too much on w-inds. stuff lately. Seriously need to refrain myself from all those unnecessary expenses. Still considering whether to get an mp3 player with my salary. What's more, PC Fair is coming up! And I also planned to order some w-inds. dvd online. Haven't even gotten THANKS album yet...*sobs* Wished I had one million dollars with me right now!

It was a nightmare in the train today. This guy was standing real close to me since the train was crowded as usual. Obviously, I was uncomfortable & my petite size body made me looked like I'm "overpowered" by these men. There was a caterpillar crawling on the back of his shirt & it nearly crawled onto mine!! I was struggling to stay away from that guy while avoiding any contact with other passengers as well. Boy, it was tough *sweats*. Finally that creature crawled to his collars & the neck, I think. He felt irritated but thank God that damned thing wasn't on me. Phew!

Just ordered the JUNON May 2006 issue today at Kinokuniya *squeals* Hopefully it'll arrive by April 14. *taps foot impatiently*