Saturday, September 30, 2006

I found my ideal gift for the upcoming Christmas. Since I enjoy pic spamming, getting a digital camera would be a great idea. I've been eyeing several Lumix models for a while & finally found the perfect one. I instantly fell in love with the camera the minute I sat eyes on it...

This is one true beauty, isn't it? The price is RM1599 T.T. It's a 7.1MP camera with the famous Mega O.I.S (Optical Image Stabiliser) & 28mm wide angle lens. Yup, this is definitely going into my wishlist. Because of my gadget-greedy nature, I felt the need urge to buy a laptop for myself (not like I have cash anyway...-_-"). It comes in handy, really. During times when modules are 100% based on courseworks. It's also an "umbrella" just in case my broadband fails me again & disrupt my work. Like the old saying goes, sediakan payung sebelum hujan. I've found this laptop that kinda suits my taste. Of course VAIO is love but erm, it's beyond my capability to own one. So, here it is...the Acer Aspire 5680 series. Probably the close to ideal laptop that I would love to have.

As promised, I've uploaded the screencaps for Boogiewoogie66 Pop Jam live performance. The show was fantastic but sadly, it was too short that it felt like the song was incomplete. The song was cut short -_-". Anyways, enjoy the screencaps ppl!

w-inds. Boogiewoogie66 Dance Lesson

Keita: Okuchi ni aimasu deshou ka?

Ryohei: Yo, yo. Let's break!

Ryuichi: This is how you twist & turn!

POSE! ^^

P.S. I've ordered Works vol. 5 & "O"-正.反.合 album!! *spazzzz*

Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh God, this is the first time I felt depressed & disappointed after passing up an assignment. Shouldn't I be happy after each assignment is completed? In fact, I should but things didn't work out as I expected. The last part of the English assignment required us to write a recommendation essay & hand in at the end of class. Apparently, this is the best way to solve free rider problems within group members. It was a hell of a panicky moment trying to complete in time. Because of this, our reference list turned out to be a mess. I felt guilty cuz it was me who arranged the articles into alphabetical order & yet, I left out one. If our assignment marks is affected, I guess part of the blame is on me *sobs*.

Hmm, no point crying over spilt milk porridge...err, porridge?! And I just found out how to make screencaps! More pic spamming on the way XD. Recently, I downloaded the latest episode of MTV M-size with TVXQ's weekly report on A-nation. Yeah, it's a little outdated but all this are already pre-recorded long ago. Anyways, the episode is brand new. This one of the videos that really cracks me up. Lots of Dong Bang dorkiness here. Check 'em out~

Presenting the Dong Bang dorks *applauds*

Looks like someone here is cheating...

Wha?! Foul play!

It's Yoochunnie's fault~ T.T

Shhhh!! (notice Jaejoong's meditating-style dance XD)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I failed at making screencaps -_-". There won't be any pics of the TV shows that I wanted to show y'all. But that doesn't stop me from spamming again XD. More pics from dvd box set, hehe ^^.

U-know Yunho

Max Changmin

Hero Jaejoong (the emo-ness...)

Xiah Junsu

Somehow these portraits looked like obituary pics XD.

Oh yeah, the Boogiewoogie66 live performance I saw on NHK on Sunday wasn't Pop Jam DX but Music Express instead. Ah Pop Jam or not, they were awesome. It's so good to see them perform again. Really missed them a lot! And Keita's voice was fantastic. Same goes for the special performance at the MTV Chinese VMA.

Omg, it's already 26th!! I haven't even pre-order TVXQ's new album yet. It'll be out this Friday. *spazzzz*


Ho ho! I'm back with another post. Sorry for the delay cuz my Internet died again during the weekends. I was lucky that I managed to upload the Saturday post. Right now, I'm in campus enjoying the power of Core 2 Duo dual core processor XD. Umm, didn't I mention earlier? Ah...I must've forgotten. Anyways, my college seriously deserves some love applause for replacing all their junk Dell computers to brand new Acer units. And I have the privilege to enjoy this new technology ^^. Forgive the randomness. I was planning to blog about Pop Jam & MTV Chinese VMA in Taiwan but not before I get the screencaps ready. Guess what, I saw TVXQ in Asia Music Festival clips on 8TV *prouds*.

I shall end this quick as I gotta rush to the library to renew my overdue book. Gah~ RM1.50 fine...ish ish. Meanwhile, I'll spam this post with another set of pics. Get ready for more when I'm home XD. That is if my Internet decides to remain alive... -_-"

Such gorgeous lads~ *drools*

Saturday, September 23, 2006

What a week it has been *phew*. Two assignments were handed in yesterday & I was so relieved. Just when I thought I could take a day off, our dear missy gave us 2 taxing assignments. And both are due 2-3 weeks from now. Each has a presentation as well -_-". All of a sudden, I felt like a 1 tonne metal block came crashing down on my head. Trust me, modules based on 100% coursework ain't fun at all. Especially when studying period is only 7 weeks. Imagine yourself taking up 3 modules with no exception of assignments & tests. Passing up projects 1 week after another is insane but well...*sighs* it's not like I can evade or whatsoever (DUH!).

Our class saw this video presentation about Finagle-A-Bagel, a Boston based company (heck! our missy said it's from UK -_-") selling bagels. Basically, our individual project will be focussing on the external factors that will affect this company in the future & what can be done to solve any problems that arise. Umm, something like that cuz I haven't got to download the questions thanks to my wonky ISP. The host in the video spoke too fast & the TV we used to view the video had awful sound quality which made it very difficult to take down necessary information. I've tried somehow & managed to get some scribblings done on my notebook. Hopefully it's sufficient to get me started with the report (or maybe not T.T).

I didn't bother working on any of my assignments last night. Yeah, I became a slacker/lazy ass/slug (huh?), you name it! The night was reserved for my Dong Bang darlings~ ^^ To keep it simple, I've finished watching all the 3 DVDs & I have to stress on this...the box set had sooo many stuff that it's worth my RM140++. Two banjun dramas were in the 3rd disc! *squeee* I found out one rather astounding fact about Jaejoong. He said he was tone deaf & he used to sing horribly in his younger days. Apparently, he was being made fun all the time by his friends cuz he's such a lousy singer (I don't believe this... -_-"). Obviously he failed for the 1st audition but after he joined a privately formed band, he worked hard on his vocal skills & eventually improved. I guess that's how he passed the auditions. But look at him now, he has such an angelic voice. To me, he always owns the stage.

I shall keep this post short & simple since I ran out of ideas to blabber. I couldn't remember what I wanted to say XD. Silly me. I felt guilty for w-inds. cuz I'm more of a Dong Bang fan now. It's obvious, don't u think? Anyhow...I still love you, w-inds.! ずっと忘れないよ~ Before I end this post, here's a teaser pic for you, Jen! *winks at Jen* No, I won't post up the other two of your hotties. There'll be no fun if I reveal now & spoil all the excitement. Hehe. Just wait till Monday!

Why him, you ask? Cuz I'm head over heels in love with Yoochun la... XD There's something about him that's attractive ^^

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Brace yourself and prepare for the picture-o-blog blog-o-picture picture blog for today! Yes, I'm turning this into a pic spam post. Basically, no words can express how delighted I was. Didn't expect surprises can happen in unexpected ways. Early this morning, I was still in a deep slumber when cuzzie bro barged into the room with...


*squeeeee* OMG, it's HERE~ See how TVXQ's love can transform a half asleep girl to a crazy fangirl in the morning XD. Hey, I've waited for 12 days to be exact (seems like eternity) for the package to arrive. And the package arrived Malaysia perhaps on the 4th, 5th or 6th cuz the customs released it on the 7th. The postal service people is just being plain lazy asses. -_-"

You wouldn't believe that I took several minutes to figure out how to open this beautiful box. I was shaking & pushing it hard, hoping that it would budge but to no avail. And then I found out the box has...

MAGNET! -_-" (as shown with arrow)

The box opens like this. ^^

That white thing is a ribbon

Inside the box. :D

The shiny-nessssss~ *spazzzzzz* (I love Jaejoong's face! XD)

Shiny DVDs! (umm ok, not literally...cuz my camera phone sucks -_-")

Do I need to brag on what's in the DVD? Don't think so. You've guessed it. TVXQ is full of love and will always be XD. This is the end of the spam influenced/corrupted picture blog. Puke or drool all you want. ^^ *nudges Jen* ^_~

P.S I'm so lame...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Whey-hey! I'm back after a week long hiatus. So many things happened but I'm just too lazy to go into detail about them. Just gimme a few minutes to sort out my thoughts *thinks hard* ahh ok...I supposed some of you already knew that I wasn't feeling well for the past few days. It all started on last Friday evening & the sudden change in weather conditions during the weekends (cold, hot, cold, hot...-_-"). Initially, I had a mild flu but all the late nights made it worse. Fever came & the rest is history. I would say that my health has been pretty good cuz I haven't been sick for the past few months. Perhaps falling sick once in a while ain't too bad XD. It helps strengthen the immune system. And the good news is I already recovered. :D

Assignments are pilling up as usual but I shall not elaborate on that. I'm glad that the lecturer extended the assignment deadline for MKT234. If she wouldn't, I bet she'll get some good spanking from all of us. It's unfair to make us hand in the essay report on Monday before 10am whereas she only uploaded the case study on Tuesday. Btw, INTIMA Week was on Wednesday. This time, I signed up for Music Club & Social Board. Didn't wanna join Circle K again cuz I'll definitely feel like a stranger out of place. On top of that, Circle K is always pre-dominated by A Level students. It's weird but the trend started when I was part of the committee last year. Come to think of it, I feel so old interacting with those 18 year olds XD. Hopefully Music Club will entice me to start practising piano again. But it all depends on whether time permits me to be present at meetings. Besides, it makes me wonder what a club can do in such a short 7 week semester. A trip to MPO as the upcoming activity cracks me up though XD. *runs off to the corner & laughs*

My Internet was down yesterday cuz the modem plus my network card somewhat fried altogether thanks to the lightning. We managed to exchange for a new modem since the spoilt one was still under warranty. In fact, any damage by lightning or fire is not liable for free exchange XD. I had to get a new network card so I dropped by at Digital Mall to get one. Cost me only RM19! The mall is pretty cool, definitely a haven for gadget lovers & computer geeks alike.

What's up with artistes lately? The news about Keita releasing his debut solo single & TVXQ's 3rd album scheduled to be released on Sept 28 are too overwhelming. Either the management company or the recording label is pushing the guys to work like mad. About Keita pursuing a solo project, I had mixed feelings cuz w-inds. future will be uncertain. Although he mentioned that group activities will go on no matter what & there's no news about disbanding, I'm still in doubt. They may start losing fans & the question about where w-inds. is in fans' hearts will arise. Wouldn't it be exhausting for Keita to be involved in both group & solo activities? What's more, he's the one who falls sick so easily. I'm amazed that TVXQ has such high level of stamina. Look at them...for the past few months they were having concerts, promoting their Japanese singles & preparing for the A-Nation concert. And I always read in forums about them getting injured & sick. *sighs* I feel so sad for them. It's time that the management company should do something to end all these miseries. Idols are humans, not robots. They need rests too! Fans can wait & will always do.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Someone please kill me now! I seriously need a kick in the ass XD. I'm supposed to be reading more articles & start preparing for assignments but I ended up watching TV, fangirling again & blogging. And I'm falling asleep now too so you can guess the next thing I'll be doing. I have to say, 1st week of uni ended pretty quick. Before you know it, it'll soon be the end of the semester. The quote, "Time waits for no man" is undeniably true. *sighs*

On Wednesday, the electricity was interrupted at 7pm. At that time, I haven't taken any bath yet. You can imagine how it felt like showering in the dark bathroom using candle lights & a pail filled with a mixture of kettle-boiled hot water & icy cold water. Lol...see how romantic I can get XD. And dinner was another "romantic" one too. My family was dining in the dark with candles lighted on the table. I tell ya, the dancing shadows that formed on the walls can get pretty eerie at times. Anyway, electricity was back to normal at 8pm.

I only arrived home on Friday at 7.30pm. The last class of the day was cancelled last minute so I waited for cuzzie bro to get me. He was already at Puchong busy "yumcha-ing" with his buddies so I had to wait for another hour or so. I could've ring up grandpa to come but I shrugged off the idea as it would be rather troublesome for an old man to drive. See? I'm such an obedient granddaughter XD *prouds*. Heavy rain started pouring at 5pm & oh boy, cuzzie bro only arrive at 6pm -_-". Thank God I had my Walkman & a friend to accompany me. Traffic jam was horrible but I shall not elaborate on that. It's too lenghty.

Today, I was eagerly waiting for my package to arrive. Finally, I caught glimpse of the postman at the gate & quickly jumped up. But all I saw was a piece of letter in his hands. Where the hell is my package??'s not here yet. *drops head disappointedly* I have been waiting for a week. Who knows maybe it's lost...hmm, hopefully it'll be here by Monday. And there's Triangle tonight at 10pm on Star Movies. Don't miss it!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What in the world was I doing? I fell asleep in class!! During Mr. Dennis' lessons~ *embarrassed* The worst part was his lecture topic was on effective communication. Half an hour ago, he was explaining the importance of effective communication...even mentioning about how a person's mind may wander off although he is assumed to be listening. Gosh. That happened to me. And I even allowed my eyelids to close while sitting upright. Mind you, I was in the front row too -_-".

I can see the stack of assignments piling up. Some of the assignments especially the individual ones are pretty tough. Of all assignments, why must the individual ones carry higher percentage? *sighs* This makes everything even tougher. Oh God...I'll be so dead starting next weak. As dead as a limpy, rotten fish which had died a couple of days.

TVXQ's DVD box set has not arrived yet. I'm still waiting for it, patiently. Told my sis to keep a lookout for it just in case the postman arrives any minute on any random day. I kept telling myself to refrain from ordering CDs or DVDs within the coming weeks just to save more money. But somehow, I couldn't ignore the fact that Works vol. 5 will be released on Sept 20 & I've got to place order immediately. Well, it's not like I care whether I get the first press or not cuz I just want that God damn DVD. Come to think of it, I pay a similar price but I get extras. Ain't that more worth it? Hmm...true true! Maybe I should prepare money order soon & get it delivered to Japan by next week. Hehe. In case y'all are wondering what I'm planning to buy, here's a sneak peak of the DVD jacket sleeve. It's not official yet but anyways...I seriously need to sleep. Ciaoz~

I want this!

Monday, September 04, 2006

First day of semester 2! I've decided to take up MKT233 since the schedule for 2 subjects wasn't up to my expectation. I thought taking up 3 subjects would help me occupy my time better. It's true but I wasn't prepared that the coursework turned out to be so tough. One glance at the coursework sheet already gave me a cold sweat -_-". In fact, I felt a tinge of regret right now. Should've just continued with 2 subjects only. Who cares if I've got plenty of free time. I'm supposed to use those free time for research. Oh my, what have I gotten myself into?? *sighs* Whatever it's too late to back out now. I'll survive this battle, no matter what. Together with my comrades, we'll fight till our "last" breath XD.

Lecturers assigned to teach MKT233 & MKT234 were so far so good. We got a soft spoken male lecturer & a rather witty female lecturer to guide us for each subject respectively. First impressions showed that both should be well-trained & capable of making each lesson as interesting as possible. The only problem was the female lecturer's tweeny bit of sarcasm kinda irked me. She is strict, firm & authoritative...based on my first observation. And she actually went to the extend of lecturing us like a motherly figure about her requirements & expectations. Gosh!

I'll be seeing my ENL208 lecturer tomorrow & I'm half expecting her to be strict as well. Perhaps similar to last semester's ENL207 lecturer, hmm. One thing for sure that no matter how fierce & strict lecturers can be, there's surely a softer side in them that never fails to reveal itself. They're still humans, of course. I mean...lecturers get mad cuz students didn't complete their work or just being lazy. The reason is pretty simple. Dun worry, I'm a good girl. I definitely wouldn't have difficulties completing my work. Just the matter of consistency & good time management.

Apparently, w-inds. got an award for Most Popular Japanese Boyband at the MTV Mandarin Music Awards 2006. おめでとう、w-inds.の皆さん~ ^^ *applause* I heard that half of the audience left after w-inds. performed their last song. Omg, I pity the singer that appears right after them. Such a rude act! But at the same time, I saw the crowd were pushing & crushing each other like sandwiches & pancakes. Must've been really suffocating in there. Hmm...can't really blame those audience for leaving, can I? Thank God the Arena B where I stood at TVXQ's concert was no where like the awards show. I swear I would've die if it happens. Oh yeah, so far I haven't receive any notice regarding any suspended package from Hong Kong. Weeee!! Does it indicate that my package has passed the customs? And maybe it's on the way to my house *jumps excitedly*. I'm crossing my fingers right now.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Nothing can describe how frustrated I was for the whole day. It was all thanks to those people from TM Net. They can't seem to give me proper explanation on why my connection hasn't been working properly. I was in the verge of yelling to the guy at the other line. No pity for him, too bad! My pathetic connection has been wonky for the whole day. It only worked perfectly for exactly 5 minutes before it slowed down to a halt. IE couldn't even display simple webbie like Google -_-". And I felt like a fool cuz I repeatedly switched off the modem & left it for 5 minutes before restarting the connection. Like I mentioned earlier, the connection only lasted for a couple of minutes. Stupid, isn't it? Glad that the connection is fine now. If not, I couldn't have uploaded this post.

I printed more word search puzzles again. I gave up using the Internet for the day so solving puzzles was an alternative way to entertain myself. Was planning to clean up my room to prepare for the new college semester but somehow, my lazy ass wouldn't budge XD. Didn't expect AEC Music Station would air TVXQ's Begin PV. It was so much better to watch on TV cuz there's a hifi & a bigger screen TV. But the PV looked pretty colourless & dull. My downloaded version seems better. Oh boy, it's already September & I haven't pre-order Works vol 5 yet. Arrgggghhh...I'm in need of cash!! It's not like I don't have it but I'm trying to save more. *sighs*

Earlier I was watching Star Movies in Mum's room & I have to say this movie, THE TRIANGLE was awesome. It's a 3-part movie based on the Bermuda Triangle. So far the 1st part was shown on TV & it got me addicted already. Such fantastic masterpiece can't be missed! It's directed by Bryan Singer & another dude whose name I forgot. Pls watch's good, honestly~

Friday, September 01, 2006

Finally~ My Internet connection is back to normal now after a 2 day hiatus. I was planning to blog yesterday but too bad -_-". I lodged a complain earlier today regarding my problem. The connection seems fine now & I hope it'll stay the same. It was so troublesome & irritating to speak to those technical service agents. All they do is tell me to reset the modem, unplug/replug all the necessary cables & restart the computer. As if I need to call them to consult them for this kind of petty troubleshoots.

Since my Internet was down yesterday, I found something else to do. I printed a couple of TVXQ's music sheets downloaded from the LJ community. Can you believe I was playing the piano late last night? Haha...that was what I did. And I did a word search puzzle in the afternoon while watching MTV Asia Awards 2006 on AEC channel. It was originally aired on MTV earlier this year. Somewhere in February or March, I guess. Seriously, the only part that I like about this show was SE7EN's performance. His live was a kick-ass one! And this award show was the first time I heard Kangta & Vanness's single, Scandal. I told myself that performance was horrible & it was unexpected from Kangta. But anyhow, I ended up downloading their album 2 months ago. After watching this award show again, I just realised it wasn't the duo's fault for not performing well. The deliberate shaky scenes plus the odd camera angles made the performance looked awful, after all. In fact, there was nothing wrong with the performance.

I had nothing else better to do so I just grabbed a cutter & started slicing the old magazines into half. For your info, this was done for a purpose. I haven't gone mad, okay. As I was flipping through the pages of the MYC August issue the other day, I came across this rather amusing comic strip. It reminds me of the yaoi fan comic of TVXQ. Pretty disgusting but it's made for fun reading. Here's a special treat for you guys reading this post. "Gays" ahoy! *rofl*

Read this!

P/S: My TVXQ's dvd box set has been shipped!! *squeals*