Saturday, September 23, 2006

What a week it has been *phew*. Two assignments were handed in yesterday & I was so relieved. Just when I thought I could take a day off, our dear missy gave us 2 taxing assignments. And both are due 2-3 weeks from now. Each has a presentation as well -_-". All of a sudden, I felt like a 1 tonne metal block came crashing down on my head. Trust me, modules based on 100% coursework ain't fun at all. Especially when studying period is only 7 weeks. Imagine yourself taking up 3 modules with no exception of assignments & tests. Passing up projects 1 week after another is insane but well...*sighs* it's not like I can evade or whatsoever (DUH!).

Our class saw this video presentation about Finagle-A-Bagel, a Boston based company (heck! our missy said it's from UK -_-") selling bagels. Basically, our individual project will be focussing on the external factors that will affect this company in the future & what can be done to solve any problems that arise. Umm, something like that cuz I haven't got to download the questions thanks to my wonky ISP. The host in the video spoke too fast & the TV we used to view the video had awful sound quality which made it very difficult to take down necessary information. I've tried somehow & managed to get some scribblings done on my notebook. Hopefully it's sufficient to get me started with the report (or maybe not T.T).

I didn't bother working on any of my assignments last night. Yeah, I became a slacker/lazy ass/slug (huh?), you name it! The night was reserved for my Dong Bang darlings~ ^^ To keep it simple, I've finished watching all the 3 DVDs & I have to stress on this...the box set had sooo many stuff that it's worth my RM140++. Two banjun dramas were in the 3rd disc! *squeee* I found out one rather astounding fact about Jaejoong. He said he was tone deaf & he used to sing horribly in his younger days. Apparently, he was being made fun all the time by his friends cuz he's such a lousy singer (I don't believe this... -_-"). Obviously he failed for the 1st audition but after he joined a privately formed band, he worked hard on his vocal skills & eventually improved. I guess that's how he passed the auditions. But look at him now, he has such an angelic voice. To me, he always owns the stage.

I shall keep this post short & simple since I ran out of ideas to blabber. I couldn't remember what I wanted to say XD. Silly me. I felt guilty for w-inds. cuz I'm more of a Dong Bang fan now. It's obvious, don't u think? Anyhow...I still love you, w-inds.! ずっと忘れないよ~ Before I end this post, here's a teaser pic for you, Jen! *winks at Jen* No, I won't post up the other two of your hotties. There'll be no fun if I reveal now & spoil all the excitement. Hehe. Just wait till Monday!

Why him, you ask? Cuz I'm head over heels in love with Yoochun la... XD There's something about him that's attractive ^^