Saturday, September 02, 2006

Nothing can describe how frustrated I was for the whole day. It was all thanks to those people from TM Net. They can't seem to give me proper explanation on why my connection hasn't been working properly. I was in the verge of yelling to the guy at the other line. No pity for him, too bad! My pathetic connection has been wonky for the whole day. It only worked perfectly for exactly 5 minutes before it slowed down to a halt. IE couldn't even display simple webbie like Google -_-". And I felt like a fool cuz I repeatedly switched off the modem & left it for 5 minutes before restarting the connection. Like I mentioned earlier, the connection only lasted for a couple of minutes. Stupid, isn't it? Glad that the connection is fine now. If not, I couldn't have uploaded this post.

I printed more word search puzzles again. I gave up using the Internet for the day so solving puzzles was an alternative way to entertain myself. Was planning to clean up my room to prepare for the new college semester but somehow, my lazy ass wouldn't budge XD. Didn't expect AEC Music Station would air TVXQ's Begin PV. It was so much better to watch on TV cuz there's a hifi & a bigger screen TV. But the PV looked pretty colourless & dull. My downloaded version seems better. Oh boy, it's already September & I haven't pre-order Works vol 5 yet. Arrgggghhh...I'm in need of cash!! It's not like I don't have it but I'm trying to save more. *sighs*

Earlier I was watching Star Movies in Mum's room & I have to say this movie, THE TRIANGLE was awesome. It's a 3-part movie based on the Bermuda Triangle. So far the 1st part was shown on TV & it got me addicted already. Such fantastic masterpiece can't be missed! It's directed by Bryan Singer & another dude whose name I forgot. Pls watch's good, honestly~