Friday, September 01, 2006

Finally~ My Internet connection is back to normal now after a 2 day hiatus. I was planning to blog yesterday but too bad -_-". I lodged a complain earlier today regarding my problem. The connection seems fine now & I hope it'll stay the same. It was so troublesome & irritating to speak to those technical service agents. All they do is tell me to reset the modem, unplug/replug all the necessary cables & restart the computer. As if I need to call them to consult them for this kind of petty troubleshoots.

Since my Internet was down yesterday, I found something else to do. I printed a couple of TVXQ's music sheets downloaded from the LJ community. Can you believe I was playing the piano late last night? Haha...that was what I did. And I did a word search puzzle in the afternoon while watching MTV Asia Awards 2006 on AEC channel. It was originally aired on MTV earlier this year. Somewhere in February or March, I guess. Seriously, the only part that I like about this show was SE7EN's performance. His live was a kick-ass one! And this award show was the first time I heard Kangta & Vanness's single, Scandal. I told myself that performance was horrible & it was unexpected from Kangta. But anyhow, I ended up downloading their album 2 months ago. After watching this award show again, I just realised it wasn't the duo's fault for not performing well. The deliberate shaky scenes plus the odd camera angles made the performance looked awful, after all. In fact, there was nothing wrong with the performance.

I had nothing else better to do so I just grabbed a cutter & started slicing the old magazines into half. For your info, this was done for a purpose. I haven't gone mad, okay. As I was flipping through the pages of the MYC August issue the other day, I came across this rather amusing comic strip. It reminds me of the yaoi fan comic of TVXQ. Pretty disgusting but it's made for fun reading. Here's a special treat for you guys reading this post. "Gays" ahoy! *rofl*

Read this!

P/S: My TVXQ's dvd box set has been shipped!! *squeals*