Saturday, September 16, 2006

Brace yourself and prepare for the picture-o-blog blog-o-picture picture blog for today! Yes, I'm turning this into a pic spam post. Basically, no words can express how delighted I was. Didn't expect surprises can happen in unexpected ways. Early this morning, I was still in a deep slumber when cuzzie bro barged into the room with...


*squeeeee* OMG, it's HERE~ See how TVXQ's love can transform a half asleep girl to a crazy fangirl in the morning XD. Hey, I've waited for 12 days to be exact (seems like eternity) for the package to arrive. And the package arrived Malaysia perhaps on the 4th, 5th or 6th cuz the customs released it on the 7th. The postal service people is just being plain lazy asses. -_-"

You wouldn't believe that I took several minutes to figure out how to open this beautiful box. I was shaking & pushing it hard, hoping that it would budge but to no avail. And then I found out the box has...

MAGNET! -_-" (as shown with arrow)

The box opens like this. ^^

That white thing is a ribbon

Inside the box. :D

The shiny-nessssss~ *spazzzzzz* (I love Jaejoong's face! XD)

Shiny DVDs! (umm ok, not literally...cuz my camera phone sucks -_-")

Do I need to brag on what's in the DVD? Don't think so. You've guessed it. TVXQ is full of love and will always be XD. This is the end of the spam influenced/corrupted picture blog. Puke or drool all you want. ^^ *nudges Jen* ^_~

P.S I'm so lame...