Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I failed at making screencaps -_-". There won't be any pics of the TV shows that I wanted to show y'all. But that doesn't stop me from spamming again XD. More pics from dvd box set, hehe ^^.

U-know Yunho

Max Changmin

Hero Jaejoong (the emo-ness...)

Xiah Junsu

Somehow these portraits looked like obituary pics XD.

Oh yeah, the Boogiewoogie66 live performance I saw on NHK on Sunday wasn't Pop Jam DX but Music Express instead. Ah Pop Jam or not, they were awesome. It's so good to see them perform again. Really missed them a lot! And Keita's voice was fantastic. Same goes for the special performance at the MTV Chinese VMA.

Omg, it's already 26th!! I haven't even pre-order TVXQ's new album yet. It'll be out this Friday. *spazzzz*


Ho ho! I'm back with another post. Sorry for the delay cuz my Internet died again during the weekends. I was lucky that I managed to upload the Saturday post. Right now, I'm in campus enjoying the power of Core 2 Duo dual core processor XD. Umm, didn't I mention earlier? Ah...I must've forgotten. Anyways, my college seriously deserves some love applause for replacing all their junk Dell computers to brand new Acer units. And I have the privilege to enjoy this new technology ^^. Forgive the randomness. I was planning to blog about Pop Jam & MTV Chinese VMA in Taiwan but not before I get the screencaps ready. Guess what, I saw TVXQ in Asia Music Festival clips on 8TV *prouds*.

I shall end this quick as I gotta rush to the library to renew my overdue book. Gah~ RM1.50 fine...ish ish. Meanwhile, I'll spam this post with another set of pics. Get ready for more when I'm home XD. That is if my Internet decides to remain alive... -_-"

Such gorgeous lads~ *drools*