Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What in the world was I doing? I fell asleep in class!! During Mr. Dennis' lessons~ *embarrassed* The worst part was his lecture topic was on effective communication. Half an hour ago, he was explaining the importance of effective communication...even mentioning about how a person's mind may wander off although he is assumed to be listening. Gosh. That happened to me. And I even allowed my eyelids to close while sitting upright. Mind you, I was in the front row too -_-".

I can see the stack of assignments piling up. Some of the assignments especially the individual ones are pretty tough. Of all assignments, why must the individual ones carry higher percentage? *sighs* This makes everything even tougher. Oh God...I'll be so dead starting next weak. As dead as a limpy, rotten fish which had died a couple of days.

TVXQ's DVD box set has not arrived yet. I'm still waiting for it, patiently. Told my sis to keep a lookout for it just in case the postman arrives any minute on any random day. I kept telling myself to refrain from ordering CDs or DVDs within the coming weeks just to save more money. But somehow, I couldn't ignore the fact that Works vol. 5 will be released on Sept 20 & I've got to place order immediately. Well, it's not like I care whether I get the first press or not cuz I just want that God damn DVD. Come to think of it, I pay a similar price but I get extras. Ain't that more worth it? Hmm...true true! Maybe I should prepare money order soon & get it delivered to Japan by next week. Hehe. In case y'all are wondering what I'm planning to buy, here's a sneak peak of the DVD jacket sleeve. It's not official yet but anyways...I seriously need to sleep. Ciaoz~

I want this!