Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh God, this is the first time I felt depressed & disappointed after passing up an assignment. Shouldn't I be happy after each assignment is completed? In fact, I should but things didn't work out as I expected. The last part of the English assignment required us to write a recommendation essay & hand in at the end of class. Apparently, this is the best way to solve free rider problems within group members. It was a hell of a panicky moment trying to complete in time. Because of this, our reference list turned out to be a mess. I felt guilty cuz it was me who arranged the articles into alphabetical order & yet, I left out one. If our assignment marks is affected, I guess part of the blame is on me *sobs*.

Hmm, no point crying over spilt milk porridge...err, porridge?! And I just found out how to make screencaps! More pic spamming on the way XD. Recently, I downloaded the latest episode of MTV M-size with TVXQ's weekly report on A-nation. Yeah, it's a little outdated but all this are already pre-recorded long ago. Anyways, the episode is brand new. This one of the videos that really cracks me up. Lots of Dong Bang dorkiness here. Check 'em out~

Presenting the Dong Bang dorks *applauds*

Looks like someone here is cheating...

Wha?! Foul play!

It's Yoochunnie's fault~ T.T

Shhhh!! (notice Jaejoong's meditating-style dance XD)