Saturday, September 09, 2006

Someone please kill me now! I seriously need a kick in the ass XD. I'm supposed to be reading more articles & start preparing for assignments but I ended up watching TV, fangirling again & blogging. And I'm falling asleep now too so you can guess the next thing I'll be doing. I have to say, 1st week of uni ended pretty quick. Before you know it, it'll soon be the end of the semester. The quote, "Time waits for no man" is undeniably true. *sighs*

On Wednesday, the electricity was interrupted at 7pm. At that time, I haven't taken any bath yet. You can imagine how it felt like showering in the dark bathroom using candle lights & a pail filled with a mixture of kettle-boiled hot water & icy cold water. Lol...see how romantic I can get XD. And dinner was another "romantic" one too. My family was dining in the dark with candles lighted on the table. I tell ya, the dancing shadows that formed on the walls can get pretty eerie at times. Anyway, electricity was back to normal at 8pm.

I only arrived home on Friday at 7.30pm. The last class of the day was cancelled last minute so I waited for cuzzie bro to get me. He was already at Puchong busy "yumcha-ing" with his buddies so I had to wait for another hour or so. I could've ring up grandpa to come but I shrugged off the idea as it would be rather troublesome for an old man to drive. See? I'm such an obedient granddaughter XD *prouds*. Heavy rain started pouring at 5pm & oh boy, cuzzie bro only arrive at 6pm -_-". Thank God I had my Walkman & a friend to accompany me. Traffic jam was horrible but I shall not elaborate on that. It's too lenghty.

Today, I was eagerly waiting for my package to arrive. Finally, I caught glimpse of the postman at the gate & quickly jumped up. But all I saw was a piece of letter in his hands. Where the hell is my package??'s not here yet. *drops head disappointedly* I have been waiting for a week. Who knows maybe it's lost...hmm, hopefully it'll be here by Monday. And there's Triangle tonight at 10pm on Star Movies. Don't miss it!