Friday, September 15, 2006

Whey-hey! I'm back after a week long hiatus. So many things happened but I'm just too lazy to go into detail about them. Just gimme a few minutes to sort out my thoughts *thinks hard* ahh ok...I supposed some of you already knew that I wasn't feeling well for the past few days. It all started on last Friday evening & the sudden change in weather conditions during the weekends (cold, hot, cold, hot...-_-"). Initially, I had a mild flu but all the late nights made it worse. Fever came & the rest is history. I would say that my health has been pretty good cuz I haven't been sick for the past few months. Perhaps falling sick once in a while ain't too bad XD. It helps strengthen the immune system. And the good news is I already recovered. :D

Assignments are pilling up as usual but I shall not elaborate on that. I'm glad that the lecturer extended the assignment deadline for MKT234. If she wouldn't, I bet she'll get some good spanking from all of us. It's unfair to make us hand in the essay report on Monday before 10am whereas she only uploaded the case study on Tuesday. Btw, INTIMA Week was on Wednesday. This time, I signed up for Music Club & Social Board. Didn't wanna join Circle K again cuz I'll definitely feel like a stranger out of place. On top of that, Circle K is always pre-dominated by A Level students. It's weird but the trend started when I was part of the committee last year. Come to think of it, I feel so old interacting with those 18 year olds XD. Hopefully Music Club will entice me to start practising piano again. But it all depends on whether time permits me to be present at meetings. Besides, it makes me wonder what a club can do in such a short 7 week semester. A trip to MPO as the upcoming activity cracks me up though XD. *runs off to the corner & laughs*

My Internet was down yesterday cuz the modem plus my network card somewhat fried altogether thanks to the lightning. We managed to exchange for a new modem since the spoilt one was still under warranty. In fact, any damage by lightning or fire is not liable for free exchange XD. I had to get a new network card so I dropped by at Digital Mall to get one. Cost me only RM19! The mall is pretty cool, definitely a haven for gadget lovers & computer geeks alike.

What's up with artistes lately? The news about Keita releasing his debut solo single & TVXQ's 3rd album scheduled to be released on Sept 28 are too overwhelming. Either the management company or the recording label is pushing the guys to work like mad. About Keita pursuing a solo project, I had mixed feelings cuz w-inds. future will be uncertain. Although he mentioned that group activities will go on no matter what & there's no news about disbanding, I'm still in doubt. They may start losing fans & the question about where w-inds. is in fans' hearts will arise. Wouldn't it be exhausting for Keita to be involved in both group & solo activities? What's more, he's the one who falls sick so easily. I'm amazed that TVXQ has such high level of stamina. Look at them...for the past few months they were having concerts, promoting their Japanese singles & preparing for the A-Nation concert. And I always read in forums about them getting injured & sick. *sighs* I feel so sad for them. It's time that the management company should do something to end all these miseries. Idols are humans, not robots. They need rests too! Fans can wait & will always do.