Monday, September 04, 2006

First day of semester 2! I've decided to take up MKT233 since the schedule for 2 subjects wasn't up to my expectation. I thought taking up 3 subjects would help me occupy my time better. It's true but I wasn't prepared that the coursework turned out to be so tough. One glance at the coursework sheet already gave me a cold sweat -_-". In fact, I felt a tinge of regret right now. Should've just continued with 2 subjects only. Who cares if I've got plenty of free time. I'm supposed to use those free time for research. Oh my, what have I gotten myself into?? *sighs* Whatever it's too late to back out now. I'll survive this battle, no matter what. Together with my comrades, we'll fight till our "last" breath XD.

Lecturers assigned to teach MKT233 & MKT234 were so far so good. We got a soft spoken male lecturer & a rather witty female lecturer to guide us for each subject respectively. First impressions showed that both should be well-trained & capable of making each lesson as interesting as possible. The only problem was the female lecturer's tweeny bit of sarcasm kinda irked me. She is strict, firm & authoritative...based on my first observation. And she actually went to the extend of lecturing us like a motherly figure about her requirements & expectations. Gosh!

I'll be seeing my ENL208 lecturer tomorrow & I'm half expecting her to be strict as well. Perhaps similar to last semester's ENL207 lecturer, hmm. One thing for sure that no matter how fierce & strict lecturers can be, there's surely a softer side in them that never fails to reveal itself. They're still humans, of course. I mean...lecturers get mad cuz students didn't complete their work or just being lazy. The reason is pretty simple. Dun worry, I'm a good girl. I definitely wouldn't have difficulties completing my work. Just the matter of consistency & good time management.

Apparently, w-inds. got an award for Most Popular Japanese Boyband at the MTV Mandarin Music Awards 2006. おめでとう、w-inds.の皆さん~ ^^ *applause* I heard that half of the audience left after w-inds. performed their last song. Omg, I pity the singer that appears right after them. Such a rude act! But at the same time, I saw the crowd were pushing & crushing each other like sandwiches & pancakes. Must've been really suffocating in there. Hmm...can't really blame those audience for leaving, can I? Thank God the Arena B where I stood at TVXQ's concert was no where like the awards show. I swear I would've die if it happens. Oh yeah, so far I haven't receive any notice regarding any suspended package from Hong Kong. Weeee!! Does it indicate that my package has passed the customs? And maybe it's on the way to my house *jumps excitedly*. I'm crossing my fingers right now.