Wednesday, August 30, 2006

There were some things to be done & that's why I woke up earlier today. I was supposed to wake up when my mobile phone alarm rang at 9am. It rang twice cuz I deliberately set the snooze to ring 2 times. I practically ignored it & continued sleeping. It was then I had a horrifying dream. In the dream, I got a tooth decay & had to visit the dentist to get it removed. It was so surreal & scary. So much money was spent on putting braces to correct my rabbit teeth & now it needs to be removed cuz of a bad tooth. I screamed so loud in the dream &...*poof* I was awaken from slumber. And the Ikea clock on the wall showed 9.50am!! Cuzzie bro has class at 11am & he'll be leaving in 1/2 hour. I quickly washed up & made myself some breakfast. Guess what? Cuzzie bro was still snoring away. -_-"

A new semester is gonna commence next Monday so I went to college to enrol for new subjects. Since the coming semester will be a short one (7 weeks), students are only allowed to take a maximum of 3 subjects. I planned to take all 3 cuz the 2 Marketing subjects are 100% based on coursework. Only English is 50:50 for coursework & exam. Due to the timetable clash btw ENL208 & MKT233, I had to dropped the initial plan. "Then let it be!" I thought. Taking fewer subjects is a plus point XD. I just discovered an equation which further proves the benefit of lesser subjects.

Few subjects = Low stress level + Quality assignments + Extra free time for fangirling to polish up Photoshop skills, Japanese & learn some Korean

My math is not too bad, huh? See...I fully made use of my knowledge & applied in real situation XD. Okay, okay I know this is rubbish. Recently, I've been diagnosed with a new disease called Micky Yoochun Obsession Syndrome. Any guy I come across who bears a slight resemblance to Yoochun (hair, looks, style...whatever) will be labelled a hottie! This reminds me about the incident 2 years ago, where I thought I saw Keita in KLCC. It was just an ordinary guy who so happened to resemble Keita's profile look.

And I just saw a new Korean student who got transferred from Penang who has some Yoochun qualities. He's got fuzzy hair, his voice sounded like Yoochun & he's tall!! His face isn't as cute as Yoochun but he's good enough XD. was fun stealing a few glances at him. He noticed that I was looking at his direction & turned towards me but I looked away -_-". Ah well, at least the day ended with a big, stupid smile plastered on my face...