Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm depressed cuz I failed my 2nd Marketing assignment... T.T I had no choice but to re-do it to get a better grade. *sighs* What a waste of time -_-". Hmm, exam is starting next Monday. First subject will be CSC208 at 4pm. reminds me of my first LAN exam in during my A Level days. I still remember the that exam was scheduled on Saturday at 4pm. By the time it ended, it was already 7pm. Pretty late, huh? CSC208 paper will be the same as well but it's on a weekday. I think I'm gonna be stuck in the traffic jam during that time. Why on earth they planned for such timing?? *grrr*

So, anyways...I just ordered 2 CDs from YesAsia. Yup, I ordered both TVXQ's 1st & 2nd album. But these albums are specially packaged so there'll be lots of extras inside. There's VCD, a photobook & huge (yes, HUGE) posters. Whee! And what is so special about tomorrow? The photobook I've been anticipating for 2 months will be released! It's w-inds. Vacanza~ *squeals* The cover looks awesome. Classy & very laidback style ^^.

Vacanza, baby~ XD

Oh yeah, I forgot to post the posters for other episodes of Vacation. Sorry ppl, but I love to spam my post with pics. Before that, I read in several blogs about Yunho's current health condition. His condition worsen after the Malaysian concert. Aww...I felt so heartbroken after reading this. Most of the TVXQ members weren't feeling well during their Asian live tour. No wonder the members didn't smile nor grin during the press conference. At first, I thought they were kinda arrogant but now the truth is revealed. Lets just hope all of them especially Yunho & Jaejoong will recover soon. *prays for TVXQ's speedy recovery*

Ep. 2: Beautiful Life