Saturday, August 26, 2006

I've collected my package from the post office HQ at the airport yesterday. Took us more than an hour to reach the building. If I knew the place is THAT far, I could've arranged a delivery directly to my house or something. At least the shiny stuff in the package made up for the troublesome trip I had XD. Just in case y'all didn't know, the building is even further than the airport & Sepang F1 Circuit. An entrance pass is required to enter the building. Anyone who enters the building needs to surrender the driving license at the entrance hut in exchange for the pass. I've never seen such dumb officers who demanded for all the driving licenses of everyone in our car. It's not necessary since I was the only one entering. Sheesh -_-"

The clearance process is pretty simple. Here's how it goes:
  1. Collect your package from counter 1
  2. Bring it to counter 2 to be examined
  3. Pay the necessary fees at counter 3 (if tax is applicable)

See? Sounds easy, isn't it? Well, it was the lazy dude at counter 1 who refused to fetch my package from the warehouse rack that made everything a hassle. He insisted that I return at 2.30pm after their Friday prayers -_-". Later he unwillingly obliged when I told him the customs officers ordered him to do so. Other than that, the customs officers were alrite. And I managed to walk away without having to pay any tax. Hehehe...there I went, trotting happily towards the exit while carrying the huge box from Hong Kong. When we were about to leave, something happened. Guess what? The male officer at the entrance hut approached the car & yanked open the door, asking rudely what I had in my hands. I felt so annoyed & pissed. As if I'm in the midst of an illegal smuggling activity & got caught red-handed by his oh-so-observant eyes. Gosh~ *rolls eyes*

What puzzles me is the reason why my box was being held by the customs. I supposed they wanted to charge taxes on it just because the box size is huge like this...

When there is only 2 items in it... -_-"

The huge box is deceiving to the human eye. The officers must've thought there were loads of stuff inside & wanted to grab this opportunity to dig some cash from me. Too bad! Enough said about these ppl. So, what's exactly inside these special edition albums? Each has a photobook, original stickers, CD & multimedia VCD. Only one of the albums has 6 B3-size posters which are extremely huge. Time for pic spamming!

TVfXQ! 3rd STORYBOOK in Los Angeles

'Rising Sun' Repackage Storybook: Five Secret Story

There are lots of shiny wallpapers & screensavers included in the multimedia VCD. And I've already started using it...XD

Look, look! My desktop XD

Jaejoong happened to appear in this screencap of the screensaver when I pressed the 'print screen' button

Alrite, I should end here. Y'all are most likely bored reading this post, ne? Too much to handle, huh? Before I forget, never in my life have I seen & heard the most disgusting music video aired in our local TV channel. Two irritating dudes featured in that video was singing about Malaysian public toilets! Yes, I meant the WC. God, the public toilets are already an eye sore. What's more singing about it...ewww!!! *shrugs*