Monday, August 21, 2006

You would never know how stupid troublesome my country's postal service can be at times. No, wait...correction! I mean, all the time. I received a mail stating that my package containing TVXQ's special package albums was detained by the customs. There are few options that I can consider:
  • Hire the local postal service as an agent to clear the package from the customs & get it sent to the post office nearby my house with a minimal charge
  • Request for a direct delivery to my house (also with a surcharge)
  • Hire my own agent to collect my package (I still need to pay the agent, anyhow -_-")
  • Collect the package myself at KLIA

Aww...all the options sucks! I still have to incur costs either way. Most likely I'll be going to the airport to collect it personally. *sighs* This sucks...I have no idea why the customs refused to release my package. Too heavy? Hmm, perhaps. Taxable cuz there were too many items in it? Probably...-_-"

I went to PWTC with my friend yesterday for the briefing. There was 2 Indian wedding reception being held at the same time. As expected, there were plenty of Indians hanging around the lobby. You can say I felt kinda out of place cuz me, Jen & the few other part-timers were the only Chinese people there. The briefing ended at 6 something & boarding the train during the rush hour (especially today!) was the disastrous experience ever. Poor me & Jen got squeezed & squashed in the train with almost no air to breathe. It was the worst train trip in my life. Comparable to the day when I was about to leave KLCC station after the PC Fair. We got home safely, somehow.

I was flipping the Astro's August magazine & found this beautiful watch in one of the pages. Honestly speaking, I'm not the type who wear watches though I have them. Tag Heuer watches are gorgeous, though XD. Especially those which are made up of full metal body & clasp. Anyways, I don't usually browse through ads featuring watches but this Citizen watch caught my eye. I really loved how they incorporate tiny flowers into a simple, yet classy design. See this for yourselves! I scanned this page from the magazine.

Ain't this beautiful?

I read a post recently from the TVXQ LJ community that claimed that Yoochun wrote a short letter to IN:COM forum informing the fans not to worry & that all the members are well. Surprisingly, he posted the letter in English. That's obviously good news to the fans cuz I'm sure not many are Korean literate (I'm one of them). I read the letter originally written by him & oh boy, I couldn't believe that his English is atrocious poor. I still doubt the credibility of the letter. I'm sure Yoochun can write much better than that. Besides, he composes his own songs & the rap parts in Sky was well written. He does speak "broken" English when I saw a video clip of him muttering the word, "passionable". *rofl* I didn't know there's such a word! It doesn't even exist. That mistake is forgivable neways...^^ I kinda fancy his light American accent. Makes him even cuter & sexier XD. Oh, did I mention he looks extremely hot with hats?