Friday, August 25, 2006

Yup, it was the last day of the conference yesterday. Work only started at 2pm which meant I got to wake up later in the day. I was sleep deprived on the 1st day since I woke up really early. As usual, I met up with Jen at the station again & off we head to PWTC. When we arrived there, we were stunned by the amount of people gathering outside the hall & registration counter. All the delegates were waiting to collect their certificates before leaving (some had to catch a flight home). *pssstt* Some thought the talks were dull & boring, that's why they wandered around the lobby or even left early.

However, we were told not to distribute the certificates to the delegates. We tried explaining to them but it made the situation worse as some started fuming with rage. Voices filled with anger can be heard from all the counters. All the part-timers were seriously in a dillemma. Initially, the emcee announced on the 1st day that certificates can be collected the next day after 3pm. Apparently the time was moved earlier to after 2pm, as told by the emcee. Here's where the problem lies. There was a serious miscommunication going on internally. And we, part-timers had to bear the consequences by taking the blame for being irresponsible, so & so -_-"

Anyhow, the certificates were distributed & all of us sat at the counters feeling rather bored. My Walkman came in handy during these times *grins*. It started raining later in the day & the temperature dropped tremendously. Listening to Begin was a bad idea cuz it made me felt lonely all of a sudden. Furthermore, the air-cond was blasting at full speed...*shivers* Thank God we were wearing black blazers to keep us warm. Btw, me & Jen had a funny moment in the washroom. We found out the best way to stay warm by using the hand dryer & started playing around with it *rofl*.

Work ended at 6.30pm & each of us got RM100 before we left. There was no free tea break for us. I had no idea why this happened whereas we were told that we're entitled for it. Just because the conference ended late, we didn't get any tea -_-". All of us quickly rushed home before the rain started pouring heavily again. By the time I reached Asia Jaya station, the sky was dark. was my first time going home late after work. Felt kinda insecure, though.

One of my dogs which was chained up managed to free itself & was happily trotting around the garden. I'm glad that my family had decided not to tie it again & let it roam freely. I'm just worried this dog would end up injuring visitors who come by to my house. This dog is well known for its notorious behaviour.