Holy matrimony of the rich & famous

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This year is probably the year of celebrities' weddings in the local scene. The first to walk down the aisle was Andrea Fonseka with her Australian beau of 2 years at one of the 5-star hotel in KL. Such is their whirlwind romance that she has to accept & be a rather young stepmum to a 17-year-old daughter belonging to his husband & his ex-girlfriend.

Next, we have Harith Iskandar, at 44, getting hitched to doctor & part-time model, Jezamine Lim who is only 27. There's nothing much sensational about this wedding except that it's a mixed marriage & the couple's age gap is pretty far. I guess love really does transcend age, race & geographical boundaries. =)

The next wedding that I'm about to mention is not really a celebrity couple. But no doubt, the reception was celebrity laden mainly cuz the guests were mainly the rich & famous. The interesting about this marriage is that the groom is actually my cousin sis' cousin who is - if I'm not mistaken - chief creative director at 8TV. And the his beloved wife is Stephanie Caunter, sister of Marion Caunter. Sure bet that you understand what I mean celebrity laden ;). Another juicy fact to note that the groom used to date Xandria Ooi. Ain't this exciting? Keep on reading & you'll get to read even more gossipy news. =P

Perhaps it's the trend nowadays or it's the coming of age, Xandria Ooi wedded his fiance, Yuri Wang not long after my cousin sis' cousin got married. I'm guessing that both the cousin & Xandria didn't attend either weddings. Hmm, fair enough.

Lastly, news have confirmed that the much rumoured relationship between SM Nasarudin & Marion Caunter are taking to the next level - marriage. Their union was dubbed the Wedding of the Year, celebrated with much pomp & grandeur. Not only their guests were of celebrity status but many of them are politicians. As if having such influential guest list is not enough, the couple held the reception at Mandarin Oriental KL occupying the largest ballroom they've rented. Sure bet the food is extremely expensive but it made me wonder if they actually tasted good.

Since CNY 2011 is coming soon, we're sure bound to encounter or read about more interesting weddings in 2011. Let's see who will be tying the knot this year. XD
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