Two years

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's been two years & we're still going strong. I'm proud to say this is the 2nd time WL & I celebrated our Christmas together. One might've assumed that we would've planned for a big bang celebration or dine in at a lavish restaurant. Nothing extravagant, peeps. We only went to Riblee's on Christmas Eve, the restaurant where we celebrated my birthday. Mainly cuz their smoked ham quesadillas is so irresistible~ Yum!

On Christmas Day itself, we stayed at home most of the day. This was the best time ever spent together cuz it's only the two of us. We had Koko Krunch for breakfast - I munched happily in front of the TV while WL busily tapped on his lappie with mouthful of cereals in his mouth.

We went out for lunch at a hawker stall before dropping by at Giant for some grocery shopping. Our initial plan was to cook pasta for dinner but it was scraped off in the end. We didn't buy any ingredients to cook but instead went out for dinner at this coffee shop. I'm not particular about dining in fancy restaurants when it comes to anniversary celebration. But it was a pity that the food we ordered at that coffee shop was below expectation. After dinner, we had a drama marathon until almost 2am. XD

The next morning was pretty much the usual peaceful & quiet environment. Just both of us lazing around, making Koko Krunch for each other & sitting in front of the TV & lappie to munch away. Since we didn't managed to complete the drama series the night before, we resumed the marathon again right up to lunch hour. Not wanting disrupt our drama session, we ordered Domino's delivery. Such sinful indulgence is hard to miss! =D Without doubt, we ordered our usual selection - Aloha Chicken & Classified Chicken - NY crust & thin-crusted respectively. Yum!!

WL fetched me later in the evening & I really didn't feel like going home. It was so much fun & so relaxing. It should've been forever...*sighs* Back to reality. I still have some chores to do back home in preparation for the early CNY. We should have more anniversaries like this. =)