Christmas Town

Friday, December 03, 2010

The Christmas deco was put up not long after I came back from Singapore. WL & I decided to drop by one of the malls for some window shopping & to enjoy the Christmas mood. After all, the Christmas month not only gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling but it's also an important month for both of us to spend more time together. =)

We went to 1U cuz apparently the deco seems really beautiful compared to last year. I caught a glimpse of some pics posted on FB by our friend when some workers were busy setting up the decorations according to this year's theme. It did looked like townhouses. So it was true. A very Christmas townhouse with an artificial skating pond.

The townhouses are actually shops operated by some retailers to display their Christmas goodies. The buildings are not fakes; visitors are able to enter the building & also climb up to the 2nd floor.

For some odd reason, visitors were able to stand on the artificial pond when it was supposed to be off limits. Since we wanted to take pic of ourselves on the bridge, WL & his colleague had no choice but to join the crowd as well.

We took the last shot at the Christmas town before we left to show proof that we were there. =P I mean, who wouldn't want to be part of such scenic Christmas deco. We don't get this often in Malaysia & I'm proud to say that we are way better than our neighbouring country this time which is supposedly famous for hosting extravagant Christmas deco. Sad to say, there was nothing to shout about this year when I was there. The escalating inflation & economic crisis must having its toll on the deco budget.

Last but not least, an aerial view of our very own Christmas town when the coast was clear at the artificial pond.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that we'll be in for more surprises on the deco next year!