Suicide Squad

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Marvel Studios has their own MCU & now DC Comics is joining in the bandwagon to create their own cinematic universe. Just because...

I tried to immerse myself into DC's cinematic universe by starting off with a reboot of Superman titled Man Of Steel. Unfortunately, it failed to impress me & I have covered a review about it previously. I decided to skip the next lineup, Batman vs Superman as I wasn't convinced with the new cast - the fact that Ben Affleck is the caped dark crusader bothers me.

Then along came Suicide Squad, which is an assemble of villainy characters in DC ala Avengers style. I didn't even consider this movie in my must-watch list but WL asked me to give this movie a chance. The casts include Will Smith & Jared Leto so it shouldn't be all that bad, I thought.

I hate to say this...but Suicide Squad's plot execution turned out to be pretty disastrous. There were some background stories of each character which was almost compelling enough to be expanded, yet the screenwriters decided to take a shortcut - giving a quick intro & history before moving on to the next character. In the end, the flow is just one hot mess without a clear route & destination.

Even Will Smith & Jared Leto couldn't save this movie from falling into a pit of disappointment. I think the casts tried their best & it was indeed a pity for them to suffer from such weak script writing. One character stood out among the rest; it was none other than Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie.

She still looked absolutely gorgeous even in this outrageous makeup & outfit. Not to forget her great acting to bring out a lesser known character to life & well-known even among the non-comic fans. I only wish that the next script could do justice to Robbie & the other casts' talent, if any.

I won't reveal any spoilers here since I don't really recall much of the plot as I write this. Suicide Squad is not a great movie, if that's what you're looking for. But this movie could probably occupy your boring weekend.