Star Trek Beyond

Sunday, July 31, 2016

When it was confirmed that J. J. Abrams will not direct the 3rd installment of Star Trek due to Star Wars commitments, I was quite disappointed. Just when he breathed life into the franchise with great casts (not necessarily newcomers), we have to put up with Abrams departure.

As if the news wasn't enough, UIP broke the news that Justin Lin will be taking over Abrams' place. Boy, I was worried. Justin did a great job for Furious 7 but I really couldn't imagine him directing a sci-fi movie, not when his credentials consist of mostly horror movies & an action movie.

Boy, I was worried.

My sister & I had to watch it with our own eyes & so we gave the movie & the new director a chance.

So, how did the movie fare?

Thankfully, the movie turned out alright. Although I detected the slight difference due to Abrams' missing touch, Justin Lin did a pretty good job adding his own flavour to this film while trying to stay true to its prequels' look & feel.

Aside, the screenwriters do play an important role to keep the plot interesting. Storyline & pace are decent, but I sensed the writers themselves are running out of fresh ideas when they fall back to theme of "main guy at a crossroad; having lost his purpose in life & considering quitting his leadership". I wonder how all these twists & turns will progress seamlessly when Captain James T. Kirk is rumoured to be returning in the next sequel (if any in plan).

Until then, we can only wait. What we do know is this film will be the last appearance for Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov; he passed away in a freak car accident a month before the movie release. There will no plans to find a replacement for his character in memory of Yelchin. RIP Anton Yelchin, you've been a class act in the Star Trek franchise & in other movies I have watched. ;(