Independence Day: Resurgence

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Who would have expected that Independence Day will have a sequel 20 years later? Exactly two decades later, the Independence Day: Resurgence is scheduled to premiere on June 24.

I watched it without any expectation because time after time, reboots & new sequels always failed to impress me. Yet again, Resurgence managed to bore me for more than 2 hours. The plot is formulaic; only the alien threat is on a bigger scale this time.

Unfortunately, the new casts were not able to live up to where the previous actors have left off from the first movie, partly blamed to a lesser creative screenplay. Although most of the original casts reprised their roles, Will Smith probably made a wise choice to opt out of this sequel. While I applaud the effort to introduce the idea of a female US president Elizabeth Lanford, it was a pity that the screenwriters wrote off her character too soon in the movie.

If you were from the generation who grew up watching the first movie, you would never forget the then US president Thomas J. Whitmore's (Bill Pullman) rousing speech before he led the military air force to battle. Even 20 years on, former president Whitmore still delivered his spirit-boosting words with such booming voice. Age doesn't seem to be the limit, hmm...

Credits: Empire

Watch this movie, only if you don't have anything better to watch. Otherwise, don't bother or you're bound to be disappointed like me.