Kissing under the (starry) night sky

Friday, August 28, 2009

I was out of office that day as part of my plan to clear some annual leave. On the other hand, WL was at work & wanting to see me - he asked me out for dinner. I agreed for I also mutually shared the same thought of wanting to see him so badly.

Towards the later evening, I sensed that he'd probably won't be able to make it...just like last time. A rush of disappointment overcame me no matter how hard I tried to control my emotions. My family was giving me a hard time at that moment made matters worse off. =(

Thankfully, WL came & took me out for a quick dinner. I wasn't in a good mood to begin with. But even then, WL tolerated & relied on his usual antics to cheer up the atmosphere. The restaurant we dined in, unfortunately, served pretty bad food coupled with poor service. Even the cheerful but tired from work WL couldn't hold on to his agitation with the unfriendly staff.

Nevertheless, our mood lighten up after dinner & as WL left for the washroom; I grabbed his car keys in which he left on the our table & slipped into my handbag. =P We left soon after he was out of the washroom - without me reminding him if he left anything. And he didn't seem to remember that he left something either - assuming that he had them all safely tucked in his pocket. How careless! Hehe.

As we approached the car at the outdoor carpark, he rummaged deep down his pockets & only to realise that the keys were missing. I stopped him before he could walk back in the direction of the restaurant & told him, "It's with me..." With that, he coiled his arms around my neck & playfully squeezed me for being such a naughty gal. I gingerly took out the keys & handed it to him. Upon taking it from me, WL grabbed me at the waist so quickly & pulled me close until our lips were inches close - whilst leaning on his car for support. My heart skipped a beat & without further a due, his lips touched mine.

I felt his warm breath tickled my cheeks as WL continued to hug me tightly as he moved on to a deep, passionate kiss. I responded to his deepening kiss & allowed myself to melt away like butter. Later we found out that someone was busy watching the entire scene. Though embarrassed, I pulled WL back into the car & continued smooching him for several minutes. I'd have to admit that this was the best kiss in my life. It's just like a scene out of a typical romantic comedy that I would watch on a lazy weekend afternoon. I think I'm even more in love with WL now...♥